How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost in 2022?

Updated on: March 1st, 2022

Whether it’s for your home or your business property, it’s good to know about window cleaning prices in your area. Professional window cleaning costs range from as little as $190 to around $500 or more. A lot of factors come into play when pricing window cleaning services, and it isn’t just your location or how many windows you have. The time of the year, for example, may impact the final bill for window washing services, or whether or not you have screens. In our article overview, we’ll talk about these factors so that you can better understand your quote.

Breaking down Window Washing Costs

The methodology behind how a service is charged can be very different from one company to another, or even for different properties. It’s important to know what method your window washing company uses if understanding the different aspects of your quote is a priority. Here’s a chart showing window cleaning prices along with the type of charge.

Window Washing Charges: Types and Averages

As you can see, some services might result in higher charges than others. Here’s an example:

Jacob purchased a large, two-story property with 20+windows located in a very wooded area. It’s been vacant for a while, so the exterior of it is built up with grime, debris, and mildew. Along with pressure washing and gutter cleaning, the property’s windows need a lot of attention too.

The quote he got was for $340 and when he looked at the charges, he noticed a few things. First, there was a $50 call-out charge, which was the initial charge for coming out. There were also miscellaneous charges and taxes, but the bulk of the $600 estimate was a per hour charge of $60. According to the estimate, cleaning the interior and exterior windows on his property would take a single two-person team about 4 hours to complete.

There are certain circumstances where a flat-rate hour charge is used due to the property having multiple levels or, like in Jacob’s case, it’s a job that will be more difficult due to the condition of the windows.

For those who are looking at window washing prices based on square footage, it might look something like this:

Window Washing Charges: By the Hour

Residential Window Cleaning Costs per Sq. Ft.
Sq. FtAverage Cost

Estimating Your Own Window Cleaning Costs

If professional window washers in your area don’t offer free estimates—We do! Look us up and see if we’re in your area—if so, we can provide an estimate of charges to give you an idea of what the cost might be. Here are some things to consider when evaluating your property.

Count Your Windows & Panes

If your local provider can give you a price list with how much they charge for different types of windows, that’s a useful checklist to have on hand. Note the number of windows and panes you have, along with the different types. Some may cost more than others, such as complex windows. Additionally, some windows, such as sliding glass windows, may count as one.

Do you have screens?

Screens may add additional costs to your quote as well. While some companies charge as little as $0.50 per screen, some can charge as much as $5. Before calling out a window cleaning company, you can ask how much they charge. You could consider removing your screens and cleaning them yourself if their rate tends to be higher.

What kind of shape are your windows in?

Windows that require more time to clean may result in a higher quote. Note windows that have more debris build-up as they will take longer to clean.

What type of windows do you have?

The development of certain types of glass, such as UV glass, has made homes more efficient and safer against damaging ultraviolet rays. On the other hand, it can alter how windows are cleaned. When speaking to a window washing company, ask if they charge more for your type of window glass and factor that in as you evaluate your home.

Avoid the Hassle, Hire the Professionals

There are numerous things to consider when estimating window cleaning costs regardless of whether it is a residence or commercial property. The best way to avoid the stress of dealing with that is by simply choosing not to. Beyond convenience, there are many benefits to hiring window cleaners beyond getting pristine windows.

With us, you get more than clean windows. You get trained professionals who use quality equipment and cleaning solutions to extend the life of your windows and help your family see clearly year-round. When researching your options for a professional window cleaning company, ask questions. Ask for references, and be certain that the people who are going to be working at your home inside and out are worthy of your trust.

Are we near you? Find out by browsing our location page to see if we’ve moved into your area yet. If we have, we’d be happy to offer you a free quote—no window counting by you required.

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Have questions? We’ll try to answer them below. If we haven’t, we encourage you to comment with your thoughts so that we can help!

How often do exterior windows need to be cleaned?

When considering the cost of window cleaning, you may want to factor in frequency. For high traffic areas, such as retail spaces and restaurants, windows should be cleaned frequently (about once a month) due to smudging and debris that can accumulate faster.

What happens if you just don’t clean your windows?

Aside from a higher bill when you do have them professionally cleaned, windows that aren’t cleaned lead to etching as well as hard water stains. The biggest culprit for this is water from the water hose or other manmade sources, but rainwater can also contribute to hard water stains. Additionally, unwashed windows can also play host to dust and different allergens.

Should I get my windows professionally cleaned?

Professional window cleaning services have a lot of benefits. Your windows will not only be cleaner, but also the solutions used by reputable companies can often extend the life of your windows by not damaging the surface of the window. And, it may ultimately be cheaper— you won’t have to take time off work to do it or buy expensive equipment.

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