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There’s no better option than professional window cleaning when you want to instantly improve the appearance of your property. And when you choose us as your window cleaner, you get much more than a rinse and wipe: You get specialized equipment, exclusive cleaning solutions, and a satisfaction guarantee.

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Our comprehensive window cleaning service is delivered by fully bonded and insured Window Hero experts who are trained to work safely at heights and can identify potential issues such as damaged screens, frames, and seals. Simply call us today and enjoy 100% streak-free windows without the hassle and risks of attempting to do it yourself.

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Eco-Friendly Window Cleaning

Window Hero Eco friendly

Eco-Friendly Window Cleaning

Our eco-friendly window cleaning service ensures that your home’s windows sparkle without harming the environment. We use environmentally safe cleaning solutions and methods to effectively remove dirt, grime, and water spots from your windows. This approach not only delivers a pristine finish but also helps to protect your family’s health and the ecosystem around your home. Enjoy crystal-clear windows with the peace of mind that the process is sustainable and safe for all.

High-Reach Window Cleaning

A Window Hero professional uses a telescopic tool to clean the second floor window of a large home.

High-Reach Window Cleaning

We specialize in high-reach window cleaning, which is perfect for homes with multiple stories or hard-to-reach windows. Using state-of-the-art equipment and thorough safety protocols, our trained professionals know how to access and clean windows at almost any height. We will ensure that every window, no matter how high or difficult to reach, receives a thorough clean that eliminates dirt, streaks, and deposits to give you a sparklingly clear view.

Screen and Sill Cleaning

A Window Hero professional carefully cleaning the exterior window of a home using a microfiber cloth.

Screen and Sill Cleaning

Our comprehensive window cleaning service includes extra touches like screen and sill cleaning, which other providers often overlook. Our local teams meticulously clean these areas in order to remove dust, pollen, and other contaminants that can build up over time. Clean screens improve air quality when windows are open, while clean sills prevent buildup that can damage the window structure. It’s just one of many ways we enhance our window cleaning service to not only improve your home’s appearance but make it a healthier place to live.

Our Process Since 2005

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1. Book your appointment

First, simply reach out to your local Window Hero to ask about our expert window cleaning solutions. We'll discuss appointment timings, provide cost estimates, and give you an idea of how long the window cleaning service might take.

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2. Window evaluation and setup

Upon arrival, our trained window cleaning specialists will inspect your windows to understand the type and level of dirt or stains. This assessment helps them choose the best cleaning solution and technique for your windows. They'll also ensure that any interior items or exterior plants near the windows are safely moved or covered before they start cleaning windows to avoid any potential damage or disruptions.

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3. Expert window cleaning

Equipped with specialized window cleaning equipment, our team will meticulously clean every pane, ensuring streak-free clarity. From sliding windows to bay windows, skylights, and more, our pros leave them shining, enhancing your home's appearance and allowing natural light to flood in.

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4. Final inspection and wrap-up

Once the cleaning is done, our experts will carry out a thorough inspection to guarantee top-notch results. They'll also clean up any residual water or cleaning solutions, ensuring your home is left neat and tidy. Before leaving, they'll provide you with any necessary guidance or tips to help you keep your windows looking pristine for as long as possible.

Schedule Regular Window Cleaning

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Schedule Regular Window Cleaning

Keep your home’s windows sparkling all year round by scheduling regular window cleaning with your local Window Hero team. Tailored for our residential customers, this convenient option offers regular, hassle-free window cleaning to maintain the beauty and clarity of your windows without the need to remember to book each time. Get in touch with your local Window Hero team to learn more!

We’ve Done This Before!

We have done this before

We’ve Done This Before!

Having started out as a dedicated window cleaning business in 2005, we know better than anyone how professional window cleaning can brighten up exteriors and interiors, create a more inviting place for family and friends—or clients and customers for commercial properties—and prevent permanent glass staining and damage. Window Hero guarantees streak-free and sparkling windows every time, but the real secret is in our rigorous training and unrivaled customer service.

What Our Customers Say

Window Cleaning FAQ

It generally depends on your location and environmental factors. However, for most homes, we recommend a professional window cleaning service at least twice a year. If you live in an area with a lot of dust, pollen, or precipitation, you might consider more frequent cleanings.

No, our trained professionals use gentle, yet effective, cleaning solutions and techniques that are safe for all types of windows and frames. We ensure that both the glass and the surrounding frame are cleaned without causing any harm.

Yes, we offer both interior and exterior window cleaning services. Our team takes special care to ensure that interiors remain clean and undisturbed during the process.

The cost of a window cleaning service is based on square footage and number of windows. There are also other factors, such as storm windows and gridded windows, that may affect the price. On average, professional window cleaning generally costs $200-$300.

Weather can be unpredictable, but a little rain doesn't necessarily mean we can't clean your windows. If it's light rain, we can often proceed as planned. However, in the case of heavy rain or storms, we will reschedule the service to ensure the safety of our team and the best results for your windows.

The duration varies based on the number and type of windows, as well as their accessibility. For a standard-sized home, window cleaning can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. However, for larger homes or properties with a higher number of windows, it might take longer. When you book with Window Hero, we'll provide a more precise estimate based on your specific needs.

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