5 Amazing Benefits of Hiring a Window Cleaning Company

Updated on: 03/29/2022

Wondering if hiring professional window cleaners is worth it?

Hiring a professional window cleaning company offers more benefits than you may realize, and it’s worth the small investment. In fact, professional window cleaning will save you money in the long run by reducing wear and tear, improving heat and air efficiency, and increasing your chances of spotting potential damages before they get out of hand. Depending on factors like your climate and window type, we estimate that homeowners can save up to $150 a year by keeping their windows clean. In our article below, we talk more about this.

Keep reading to learn more about how clean windows

  • Extend The Life of Your Windows
  • Enhance Your Windows’ Efficiency
  • Save You Time and Energy
  • Make the Cleaning Process Safer
  • Give Guests a Great First Impression
  • Professional Window Cleaning vs Doing-It-Yourself
  • Hiring Professional Window Cleaning Services

Explore the five benefits of professional window cleaning below as well as the benefits (and drawbacks) of a professional service.

1. Extend The Life of Your Windows

One of the best benefits of professional window cleaning services is that they’ll help extend the life of your windows. Even the highest quality windows won’t last forever, and this is especially true if they haven’t been maintained properly.
On a daily basis, windows collect all kinds of debris and go through all types of wear and tear. Dirt and rain can cause damage and scratches to your windows and debris can build up more and more over time. Deep cleaning can help to remove the buildup and will wipe the slate clean.

Additionally, few people realize that the heat and UV rays from the sun can damage windows over time. This heat can make windows age more quickly. Eventually, their frames will crack, the mechanics of the window will suffer, and more glass fogging will occur. Having your windows cleaned thoroughly can help to prevent them from creating more heat, and in turn, will also prevent the heat from causing more wear and tear on the window’s frame and seals.

With professional cleaning, your windows will stay in great shape for a longer period of time. While an occasional cleaning will help, regular maintenance will be even more beneficial for helping your windows to have longer lives.

2. Enhance Your Windows’ Efficiency

In addition to looking great, it’s important that your windows are actually doing their jobs. Luckily, professional cleaning services can also enhance the efficiency of your windows and help them to function as they should. In places like Charlotte where the temperature can be in the mid-90s in the summer, that’s very important.

Cracks and other types of damage can cause air to leak in or out of your home or office and can lead to condensation, fogged glass, and other problems. If you notice a few of these signs, it may be because your windows aren’t working properly and are broken or damaged in some way.

Windows that aren’t working properly can lead to moisture in your home, can harm air quality, and can cause problems with heating or cooling your home. Windows that aren’t kept in great condition can cause your power bills to go up and will make it harder for you to maintain the inside of your home or business.

Additionally, windows that aren’t functioning well may also be harder to get open and closed. This could pose a threat in the case of an emergency and can be frustrating to deal with on an everyday basis.

3. Save You Time and Energy

Hiring professional window cleaners will also save you plenty of time and will help you to become more productive in your business or when doing chores around the house. By hiring window cleaners you’ll leave the hard work to the skilled professionals and will save your own time to focus on other tasks.

Cleaning your own windows can be a timely endeavor, especially if you want to do it right. If you run a business, then giving your employees instructions to clean the windows may prove difficult if they have many other tasks to do each day as well.

Additionally, regular cleaning can also be incredibly helpful because it will help to keep your windows in better condition overall. As a result, they’ll require less intensive daily cleaning to keep looking great as well.

4. Make the Cleaning Process Safer

Getting your windows professionally cleaned can also help to keep you safe while also improving your health and comfort level. Professional window cleaners have the right training and know-how to avoid accidents and injuries. If you or your untrained employees try to clean your own windows, you may not be so lucky. If you don’t know what you’re doing, cleaning certain windows can prove to be particularly dangerous.

In the case of a commercial building, some windows can be incredibly difficult to reach safely. This is especially true for people without the proper equipment or skills required for the job. Professional window cleaners know how to stay safe when cleaning windows, even large windows in hard-to-reach places.

Professional window cleaning will also make your home a safer place to be. Keeping your windows clean can improve the air quality of your home or business, reducing the possibility of moisture and dust collecting.

5. Give Guests a Great First Impression

One of the most important ways that professional window cleaning can help your home or business is that it can make it look great. Keeping a clean business is a major aspect of making a great first impression on potential clients and customers. Visitors to your home or business may get the wrong impression if your windows are foggy, stained, or filled with dirt and dust.

By getting a regular cleaning you’ll ensure that the appearance of your windows and your building is as clean and attractive as possible. The kind of attention to detail that comes from getting windows cleaned regularly is important. It can give off the impression that you care about how you present your home or your business.

Professional window cleaners can do what’s necessary to make your home and windows look great. They’ll help ensure that you’re not embarrassed by what you’re presenting to the world.

Professional Window Cleaning vs Doing-It-Yourself

We’ve talked about the benefits of hiring a professional window cleaning service above. On average, homeowners can expect to spend between $150 to $350 for their whole home. It really depends on how a window cleaning company charges for its services.

There are many benefits to using a professional service. Aside from it keeping you healthier and safer, it also means that your windows get a proper clean that doesn’t sacrifice the longevity of your panes. But, many homeowners are hesitant because of one simple question:

Is professional window cleaning worth it?

We understand that question and why you might be tempted to think that it isn’t. But, it’s important to weigh the pros, and potentially dangerous cons, of doing this home maintenance project yourself rather than hiring a professional.

Why You Shouldn’t Do-It-Yourself

We’ve gone over the benefits of using professionals and discussed the only real drawback—the cost—but we wanted to talk about why the cost of a professional company shouldn’t be a deterrent. Here are the main reasons why you shouldn’t try to make this your next DIY project:

  • You risk injury. We discussed this above, particularly with commercial windows that are harder to reach, but the same applies to your home windows as well. Spending a few hundred dollars is less expensive than broken bones, physical therapy, and pain.
  • No cleaning tools. One big benefit of hiring professionals is that you don’t have to invest in the equipment or cleaning solutions. Investing in expensive equipment and cleaning solutions for a deep clean twice a year isn’t necessary when you use professionals.
  • Windows don’t get truly clean. A quality window cleaning company spends hours training their staff in how to effectively clean a window and the panes. Because of this, professionals are better equipped to get windows cleaner without sacrificing the integrity of your window panes.

Hiring Professional Window Cleaning Services

If you want to experience the above benefits in your home or business, then it’s essential that you hire professional window cleaning services. By getting your windows professionally cleaned on a regular basis your windows will become stronger, cleaner, and more attractive than ever before.

Ready to hire great window cleaners? Be sure that you ask these seven questions before you make your final decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our most commonly asked questions about why hiring a professional window cleaning company is your best option for getting cleaner windows today and throughout the year.

Why is cleaning your windows important?

Dirty windows not only obscure your view, they can make your home less efficient and reduce the lifespan of your glass.

Why is commercial window cleaning important?

The benefits of clean windows are clear, but not utilizing professional cleaning services can result in damaged windows and injury, not to mention more streaks than you had before you started.

Is professional window cleaning worth it?

There are numerous benefits to using a professional window washing service for your windows and very few drawbacks. Using professionals eliminates the risk of injury to you and damage to your property, making that reason alone enough to hire a professional service.

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