The Best Time of Year to Get Your Windows Professionally Cleaned

Our Advice on How to Clean Windows & Window Screens

As winter comes around and days get longer, you may become more aware of your windows. They’re probably dirtier than you remember and need to be freshened up. That’s why spring and summer are the most common times of year to get windows professionally cleaned. We recommend cleaning the exterior of windows twice a year and interior once a year to keep them shining. 

Wondering How to Clean Windows? Let the Professionals Handle It. 

You may want to learn how to clean windows on your own, but scheduling a professional cleaning saves you time, money, and ensures your windows aren’t in danger of hard water stains. Getting your windows professionally cleaned on a regular basis can help you avoid this type of damage.

Each of our methods provide better quality cleaning than most at-home methods. Here are the two methods that our professional window cleaners use:

1. Squeegee Cleaning

The key to using a squeegee is getting the highest grade professional squeegee rubber. Even the smallest imperfection or cut on the squeegee rubber will cause streaks to appear while cleaning. Most professional window cleaners replace their squeegee rubber at least once a week. 

2. Purified Water Cleaning

Purified water goes through a filtration system that removes all minerals and impurities from the water. This allows the water to fully clean the glass, and because purified water dries without leaving marks or streaks, the glass is perfectly clean after the process is complete.

What Can You Do In-Between Cleanings? Here’s How to Clean Window Screens.

Window screens are quick to collect dust and are a favorite spot for spiders and other bugs. Screens increase the usability of your windows by giving you the ability to get fresh air into your home, but they can become an eyesore if they are covered with dirt and spider webs. Below is our guide on how to clean window screens

1. Wipe The Mesh

The mesh of screens can easily be cleaned by wiping with a damp, soapy rag. If the screen is extra dirty, wiping several times with a clean rag may be needed.

2. Remove Frame Grime & Mildew

The frame of a screen can collect grime or mildew, especially if it is on a shaded portion of the house. To remove this buildup, a household cleaner that contains bleach is the best option. As always when using bleach, make sure to wear gloves and do the work in a place where the solution will not come in contact with fabric. 

Tip: Window screens are often very fragile. Never put pressure on the sides of the screen because the frame can easily bend. If a screen is stuck, it’s recommended to leave it in place rather than applying extra pressure.

After reading this guide, we hope you now know how to clean a composite deck the right way! Use these homemade cleaning solutions to clean your deck at home regularly. But when it’s time to give your deck a good deep cleaning, you’ll need to call in the professionals.

Schedule an appointment online today and let us help you clean your windows this spring or summer! 

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