Gutter Cleaning

Don’t reach for your ladder when your gutters are blocked; leave it to Window Hero instead. We know exactly how to clean gutters, eliminating the risk of costly water damage to your roof and foundation, saving you from having to climb a great height, and avoiding getting your hands dirty.

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What Sets Our Gutter Cleaning Service Apart?

Our local experts use specialized equipment and techniques to resolve every type of blockage and ensure that your gutters are functioning properly. We also install gutter guards, which are designed to keep leaves, sticks, and other debris out of your gutters, preventing clogs and reducing the need for regular cleaning. Enjoy peace of mind of knowing that your gutters will remain blockage-free, saving you money on cleaning and maintenance.



A Window Hero professional clears out loose debris from a gutter.


Seasonal Gutter Maintenance

A Window Hero professional using a power drill to install a gutter guard.

Seasonal Gutter Maintenance

With the change of seasons comes varying types of debris that can clog and damage your gutters, from autumn leaves to winter ice and snow. That’s why seasonal gutter maintenance service is essential to keep your gutters flowing freely all year round. We use specialized techniques to clear your gutters, ensuring they are free from obstructions and operating efficiently. This regular maintenance not only prevents water damage and structural issues but also prolongs the life of your gutters. 

Post-Storm Clean-Up

Post Storm Cleanup

Post-Storm Clean-Up

When storms hit, your gutters can take a beating. In fact, storms can leave gutters clogged with debris, which can lead to overflow and potential damage to your home. That’s why our post-storm clean-up service is specifically designed to address the aftermath of harsh weather, swiftly and effectively cleaning your gutters to restore their functionality. It’s a great way to prevent water damage and other storm-related issues, keeping your gutters in top condition even after the toughest weather. 

Preventative Gutter Care

A Window Hero professional installs gutter guards on a residential property.

Preventative Gutter Care

If you want to avoid costly gutter repairs in the future, it’s essential to schedule regular preventative gutter care with your local Window Hero team. Our thorough gutter cleaning service is designed to prevent common issues such as water damage, pest infestations, and gutter wear. You don’t have to wait for serious problems to develop—call in the experts to inspect your gutters, clean them thoroughly, and make sure they continue to protect your home effectively for years to come. 

How It Works

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1. Booking and safety assurance

When you book with Window Hero, you can rest easy knowing that we carry $2 million worth of liability insurance. Safety is always our top priority, and we take every measure to protect your property throughout the gutter cleaning process.

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2. Specialized equipment

Our team arrives with specially designed ladders that ensure your gutters remain untouched and undamaged. Unlike traditional ladders that rest on the gutter, our unique equipment prevents dents, scratches, and ensures the integrity of your gutters.

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3. Thorough cleaning

Our professionals meticulously remove debris, leaves, and any obstructions from your gutters, ensuring efficient water flow. Every corner and downspout is inspected and cleaned to perfection.

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4. 100% satisfaction guarantee

At Window Hero, we believe in our service quality. That's why we back every gutter cleaning job with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, let us know within 48 hours, and we'll make it right.

Schedule Regular Gutter Cleaning

A Window Hero professional using a power drill to install a gutter guard.

Schedule Regular Gutter Cleaning

Don’t wait for your gutters to clog! Keep them flowing and functional throughout the year with regularly scheduled gutter cleaning. Perfect for residential customers, our scheduled cleanings prevent blockages from happening in the first place to you’re your property protected against water damage—and it’s all automatically scheduled. Contact your local Window Hero team today to get started.

We’ve Done This Before!

We have done this before

We’ve Done This Before!

With years of expertise under our belt, Window Hero is no stranger to diverse property types. Whether it’s residential spaces like detached homes, townhouses, or apartment complexes, or commercial establishments such as storefronts and office buildings, our local teams have vast experience of countless architectures and designs. In other words, we know how to clean gutters and we’re well-equipped to handle any gutter cleaning challenge.

What Our Customers Say

Gutter Cleaning FAQ

We are proficient in cleaning gutters for a variety of properties. This includes residential spaces like houses, townhouses, and apartment complexes, as well as commercial establishments such as storefronts and office buildings, regardless of their height.

Gutter cleaning is priced by the square footage of the property. On average, you can expect it to be between $175 and $275

In most cases, gutter cleaning can take approximately two hours to complete. It may take longer if the gutters have not been properly maintained.

While you're welcome to be present, it's not mandatory. Our trained technicians can efficiently handle the cleaning process, and we always ensure the property's security during our service.

Yes, leaf removal is an integral part of our gutter cleaning service. We ensure that leaves, debris, and other obstructions are meticulously cleared out, promoting efficient water flow and reducing the risk of blockages.

At Window Hero, your satisfaction is paramount. If you're not entirely pleased with our service, please inform us within 48 hours. We back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will take steps to address your concerns promptly.

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