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Is Your Professional Window Cleaning Service Insured?

By Ryan Corbin | Window Cleaning

Updated on: March 11, 2022

Is it time to refresh your windows? If you know the benefits of using a professional window cleaning service and you’re shopping around, it’s important to consider if the professionals you’re talking to are insured. Many homeowners don’t think about it at all, but when it comes to injuries on your property or damage to your home, whether or not your cleaning service is insured can mean a lot.

Window cleaning insurance is exactly what it sounds like—it’s protection for you, and the company as well, in the event of mishaps on the job. Keep reading to learn more about why using insured professionals is essential to your financial wellbeing.

In this article, you’ll learn more about…

  • Why Insurance Matters
  • How to Tell if a Business is Insured
  • What to Ask About Training & Bonding
  • Costs of Window Cleaning Insurance
  • Hiring A Professional Window Washing Service

Why Insurance Matters

There are countless horror stories out there about homeowners who have worked with unlicensed and uninsured contractors. More often than not, it’s a costly lesson in homeownership, and a stressful one for everyone involved. The best way to avoid that is to ask these seven questions before signing any contracts with a professional company.

Before we get into the specifics of figuring out if your prospective window cleaning company is actually insured, let's first discuss why insurance is so important.

Injuries Happen

Usually, they all have a somewhat similar ending: something goes wrong, someone gets injured, or the contractor left something incomplete, which leads to injury later. And of course, it's always the homeowner who ends up—quite literally—paying the price. We can pretty much guarantee that no home repair or window washing treatment will be worth thousands of dollars in court fees, payouts, or mental stress and anxiety.

Keep in mind that if you're not working with an insured contractor or company, you could very well be held financially responsible for any medical bills and even lost income by a worker who gets injured while cleaning your windows.

Property Damage Can Happen Too

It's not just the potentially sky-high cost of medical bills that you need to worry about. You should also take into consideration that you'll be liable for paying for any damage to your property done by the uninsured window cleaning company.

A worker slips and ends up cracking the glass of your windowpane? You'll be paying for that. Someone uses the wrong cleaning agent, causing your pane to spot and turn a brownish shade? That cost falls to you as well. With an insured window cleaning company, damage like that is covered—inconvenient? Probably, but covered thanks to window cleaning insurance.

At the end of the day, or job as it were, it's just not worth working with someone who isn't insured. However, just because a professional window cleaning company claims to have insurance, that doesn't mean they're always telling the truth.

Now, let's talk about how to be sure that the company you want to work with actually is insured.

How to Tell if a Business is Insured

The best way to tell if a window cleaning company has insurance is by learning more about insurance and watching for some red flags that might indicate that a company isn’t insured. Be on the lookout for the following telltale signs that a company isn’t insured.

  • Their prices are very low. The old idiom “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” applies here. If someone is offering their services at a drastically lower price than competitors, it may indicate that they can get away with charging that because they haven’t invested in insurance.
  • They can’t provide documentation. Whether they are being upfront and saying that they can’t supply something they don’t have, or they are coming up with excuses to not provide proof of insurance, the fact is that they aren’t showing you definitive proof that they are insured, it isn’t a good sign. (In some states, your contractor is not legally allowed to give you a copy or show you the documentation. For situations like this, ask about bonding status or make adjustments to your contract.)

It’s also important to learn a little about how window cleaning insurance, or any kind of contractor insurance for that matter, works. Being insured means having a lot of options, and that your professional cleaners will need more than one type of insurance.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance protects both your property and your family members in the event of an accident. For example, if you’re injured due to the work being performed or negligence of the contractor, general liability insurance will protect you.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

If an employee has an injury while working, worker’s compensation covers their medical bills and missed work as they heal. Without it, homeowners may be liable for those charges, regardless of why it happened.

What to Ask About Training & Bonding

While it may be tempting to accept a quote once you have verified that a window cleaning company is indeed insured, there’s still one more thing to consider: training and bonding.

First, we’ll talk about bonding.

Bonding isn’t strictly necessary to have, but it’s helpful. When a company is bonded, it means that they have a set amount of money that is available to the customer and being held by a third, reputable party (usually a bonding company or licensing board). In the event that something happens, the customer files a claim with them and can access the funds. Many companies offer a guarantee to fix any issues at no charge rather than being bonded, and generally, it isn’t an issue with reputable companies.

Next, is the value of training.

Workers cleaning a skyscraper

Do you really want the people in this picture to be untrained?

It’s very easy to assume that when a company opens for business, all of its employees are trained in their respective roles. Ideally, they would be, and in most cases they are. But, you want to be certain that your window washing company has trained their staff in how to safely and efficiently clean windows. With Labor Panes, we spend at least 100 hours training our employees before they go out on a job.

Some companies have the attitude of “It’s just window washing, how hard can it be?” But realistically it’s important to train employees on how to be safe while cleaning windows, regardless of the window type or size.

Costs of Window Cleaning Insurance

When considering the importance of window cleaning insurance, as well as being bonded and trained, it can be easy to assume that it is a very expensive purchase for companies. The truth is that it is much like other insurance options with tiers and choices on coverage, amount, and premium.

With some providers, plans are customizable. Take Next as an example. They offer coverage for equipment, including commercial auto, general liability, commercial property, and even worker’s compensation. All of these can be bundled under one of three tiers, depending on the needs of the company and their budget.

Hiring A Professional Window Washing Service

If you’re ready to work with a professional window cleaning service, consider Labor Panes. Not only are we fully licensed and insured, but we also offer a complimentary re-cleaning if you're not happy with our services -- as well as a rain guarantee. We’ve formulated our own streak-free cleaning solution that gets your windows cleaner than the standard commercial mix without compromising the integrity of your glass.

In addition to getting your windows perfect, we offer other services too. Many homeowners find that it’s better to clean the exterior of your home all at once. After all, clean windows aren’t a huge benefit of debris from dirty gutters soils them again soon after. We offer gutter cleaning services (along with installing gutter guards) as well as pressure washing your exterior walls, decks, walkways, and driveway.

Why stop at the windows? Make the rest of your exterior like new with Labor Panes! Read our reviews below so that you’ll feel good about having our trained professionals work on your home.

FAQ Frequently asked questions about window cleaning insurance

Here’s what we most often get asked about on window cleaning insurance and being insured. Don’t see your question? Ask! We’d love to add it to our FAQ.

Should window cleaners have insurance?

Yes, they should. While not required, insurance protects the company, employee, and the homeowner from being sued or experiencing serious financial hardship in the event of an accident or damage to the home.

How much does window insurance cost?

Smaller window cleaning companies pay about $55 monthly for general liability insurance. This, of course, goes up when other insurances are added in or higher coverage limits are selected. Typically insurance companies offer a discount for bundling, allowing window cleaning insurance to be more affordable.

What insurance does a window cleaning company need?

The legal requirement for insurance varies by state, but generally, all states require that companies have general liability. While other insurances are highly recommended, they may not be required.

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Hear from Our Customers

They arrived on time and completed cleaning the gutters in a safe and thorough manner. We have hired for them to wash our driveway and to clean outside windows since. These people are sharp and worthy of your consideration. They are really good.

Vincent D.Mount Pleasant, SC

The guys were efficient, arrived early and were very professional. They cleaned the gutters, blew leaves off the roof, patio and driveway. A great job!!

Judy C.North Charleston, SC

They cleaned my windows inside and out and pressure washed some of our decks. Nate was very professional and responded to my request quickly. His crew did a great job and they were all polite and hard workers.

Allison B.Sullivan's Island, SC

This was an unbelievably good experience with this company. Nate Van Valkenburg and his crew were the ultimate professionals. Came on time. Took off their shoes when they came in the house.Did all the inside of the windows at one time, so I could go run errands. Washed part of garage even though that was not part of the deal. And they cleaned up after they were through. You could not ASK for a better experience, better service and nicer people.

Roger C.Charleston, SC

We could not be more thrilled with how beautiful our house now looks, and with how professional the team was.

Suzy F.Clemmons, NC

Fence had dirt, grime and mildew growth and my siding needed pressure washing including my screen patio area. Pete and the crew arrived on time and they did a superior job on my windows as well.

Amos P.Winston-Salem, NC

Great experience. I will use them again and have already recommended them to family who also used them for window cleaning and were thrilled. Great value and care of my belongings while servicing my home.

Jerry B.Kernersville, NC

Cleaned windows inside and out and pressure washed. Great work. Will call next year.

Maria M.Advance, NC

The quality was excellent. The owner and his team were very polite, professional and did an excellent job.

Alison D.Winston-Salem, NC

Wow - three young pros, who know what they are doing, work efficiently, make sure nothing else is touched and do a wonderful job in no time. They were punctual, willing to change the dates when it seemed like it was going to rain.

Bob B.Winnabow, NC

Great job! I'd use them again in a heartbeat!

Jessica B.Ocean Isle Beach, NC

Great. They showed up on time in both the fall and spring. There was no mess. I thought the gutter mess would be on my yard or deck, but that was not the case. Everything was very clean.

Marie J.Bolivia, NC

Went excellent. Power washed the house and drive. Extremely professional, excellent job.

Garret P.Leland, NC

The gentleman than owns the business is very responsive and professional. The workers showed up on time. They were easy to work with. Cleaned our windows and gutters. They were very agreeable and worked quickly and did an excellent job.

Greg H.Wilmington, NC

Excellent service. Personable workers. Prompt communication. Cleaned windows and washed our siding. Came out great. Would use again.

Lynette C.Southport, NC

Great, they arrived on time and were very courteous. They did the work quickly and effectively. The house looks great and there was no mess left behind. Great Experience!

Chris T.Raleigh, NC

The crew was right on time. Called ahead to advise us of their arrival time. Went right to work. Used ladders to clean windows which we liked. They did a very good job and we shall have them come back in the future.

Mary J.Raleigh, NC

Excellent Service. Everyone that I had contact with was courteous and professional. Highly recommend them.

Mary D.Raleigh, NC

Loved them. Prompt, good communication and professional. Asked them to replace some bulbs in my motion sensors. Cleaned all my gutters and I have a pretty big home. didn't try and charge me extra. Yes, I'd definitely recommend them.

Jane L.Raleigh, NC

It is a large house with a large number of windows. They were aces! I've never seen anything like them. The team was made up of 4 or 5 guys. They worked well together. It was excellent work! They were super professional. I will be using them again. It took them a day and a half to do the work.

Derek B.Cornelius, NC

Very pleased with the results. Even though they were running behind slightly, i received a call to let me know that morning. I had a rust stain they were able to remove which was a huge relief as it looked really bad. My gutters are very high and they I were able to reach them. I will plan on using them for other projects.

John P.Cornelius, NC

Cleaning window inside and outside and power washing window sills and gutter cleaning. They were nice and respectful of my plants. I will definitely have them back next year.

Patricia F.Mooresville, NC

Cleaned all gutters. Did a good job.

James L.Concord, NC

They were super-professional and did a great job, including pointing out a repair we need in one gutter. They also did our windows and will definitely use them again in the future as I was very impressed by their work.

Staci R.Denver, NC

Very professional. Provided written quote, showed up on time, he and his crew did the work the following day. No issues.

Vicky T.Summerfield, NC

My husband and I cannot say enough nice things about their diligent work ethic. The results of their labor have made us both very happy and we told everyone we know about him and his company. The crews commitment to our satisfaction made a great impression on us.

Heather K.Greensboro, NC

Very well. Used them previously for pressure washing the entire house, including deck areas. Very professional and hard working. Highly recommend Pete and his crew.

Jerry B.Oak Ridge, NC

Excellent. Took his time to ensure that the job was done right!

Chuck Y.Greensboro, NC

Very well, workers were polite and respectful. Did a great job.

Sean M.Durham, NC

Team did great. punctual answered email immediately. I bought a coupon deal and then added in additional windows. I have high peaks on my house and the team did a great job of getting all windows spotless!

Angela K.Hillsborough, NC

Had our house, deck and driveway powerwashed and our windows cleaned. Everything was great.

Tim B.Apex, NC

Windows inside and out and gutters...excellent job.

Ellen J.Chapel Hill, NC

I have used this company for several years to clean my gutters and do some power washing. They always do a good job and clean up after themselves.

Lynn K.Waxhaw, NC

Came promptly during scheduled appointment and cleaned gutters and replace security light bulbs. Very efficient. Recommend.

Ed C.Matthews, NC

They showed up on time and cleaned the windows as requested. They were very polite and nice young men.

Cathy S.Fort Mill, SC

Great service, very responsive. Washed off the mildew from our siding. Will use next year.

Patricia B.Belmont, NC

Labor Panes have cleaned our gutters and windows for years now. Their people are always courteous and professional. They arrived on time, cleaned the gutters removing all of the debris, and did their work quickly.

Tom C.Charlotte, NC

I highly recommend Tyler and his company Labor Panes (Now, The Go To Crew). He called and came out to give me an estimate the following day. Tyler and his workmen are extremely professional and pleasant to be around. Everything glistens! My chandeliers have never looked so good! I will definitely use them again....

Susan P.Charlotte, NC

They are the most professional window cleaners I’ve ever used. Everything was put back the same way it was before they started the job. Each crew that has been to my home takes so much pride in their work and they do such a great job. They are respectful, professional and overall just awesome....

Dana C.Charlotte, NC

Labor Panes cleaned our gutters. They did good work and were thorough. Very friendly and they communicated exactly what they would be doing. When there was a delay to the originally scheduled service, they were quick and fair with rescheduling.

Martha G.Charlotte, NC
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