What’s Better: A Professional Window Washing or a Housekeeping Service?

Updated on: 03/29/2022

As a window cleaning company, we know a thing or two about windows. Cleaning a window may seem simple, but in reality, it’s a complex job that should be left to the professionals like ourselves. Many housemaid services don’t offer window cleaning, but for those that do, they probably don’t have special methods or cleaning solutions to ensure your windows are sparkling and streak-free.

Learn more about the differences between window cleaning companies and housemaid services when it comes to windows.

Window Cleaning Companies

Did you know that the glass on your windows has tiny pores? When minerals from rain or treated water settle on your glass, it can cause harsh water stains that are difficult to remove without professional cleaning products and techniques that window washing companies specialize in. We’re trained to remove these stains as well as thoroughly clean your windows and the sill and frame surrounding them.

Additionally, window cleaning companies typically have a bigger staff which allows them to provide guarantees like ours. For maintaining your windows throughout the year, check out our maintenance checklist for tips on what to keep your eye on.

Housemaid Services

While house maid services are great for interior home maintenance, we don’t recommend calling them for exterior window cleaning. First, housemaid services don’t typically have the proper equipment to reach high windows. If this isn’t part of their regular service, they may not be fully insured, thus making it even riskier for them and for you.

If you’re going to use housemaid services for the occasional interior window cleaning, feel free to do so. After all, many maid services are detail-oriented as well and can remove any cobwebs in hard-to-reach areas as well as wipe down trim and sills that have dirt buildup. But, please consider calling expert window cleaning companies for a thorough cleaning at least once or twice a year.

Choosing the Right Service

Overall, there are many differences between what window cleaning companies and housemaid services can offer you. Here’s a breakdown of a few factors to consider before scheduling:

  1. What’s the complexity of the job?If you haven’t had your windows cleaned in a while and you’re noticing spots and streaks on the exterior, we strongly recommend hiring a professional window cleaning company. These are tougher stains that most housemaid services aren’t equipped to remove.
  2. How quickly do you need it done?
    Professional window cleaners have the equipment, resources, and team to knock out exterior window maintenance much more quickly than a maid service. Plus, the maid service will likely charge you double what a professional window cleaner would due to the risk and length of time it would take them.
  3. Do you want a fully-insured team?
    Oftentimes, maid services aren’t fully insured or bonded because they’re not scaling tall buildings or reaching tough spots outside of your home. But professional window cleaning companies (like Labor Panes) come prepared so you have peace of mind.

Labor Panes: A Professional Window Cleaning Company

Labor Panes is bonded and insured with highly-trained employees that use exclusive streak-free cleaning formulas designed to clean even the toughest stains without compromising the surface of your windows. We keep your windows clearer with thorough cleanings on an annual or semi-annual basis, and we can provide reminders to help keep up with this task.

Plus if we miss something, we’ll make it right. If you notice any drips or spots within 48 hours of service, just give us a call and we’d be happy to return within one week to reclean the affected area.

Interested in learning about commercial window cleaning services? Read more about our commercial services and book an appointment for your free quote.

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