Commercial Window Cleaning

Updated on: March 1st, 2022

Commercial properties that have a lot of windows are typically quite difficult to maintain and clean. The windows are larger, sometimes more delicate due to special UV coatings, and they require a professional approach in order to clean them correctly. Doing it wrong could damage the window, and not cleaning commercial windows at all can result in less natural light, promote allergens, and also negatively impact your business’ reputation. Let’s explore professional window cleaning services below.

The Window Hero Commitment to Excellence

As a business owner, you strive to put your best foot forward by maintaining the exterior of your office or facility—and you need to rely on commercial window cleaning professionals that can get you there. Keep your windows looking healthy and welcoming with us! Our professional cleaning service guarantees a shine like never before. Ask these seven questions before booking with any provider, and keep reading to learn more about what you can expect when you use Window Hero.

Quality Training and Expertise

Window Hero’s secret to excellent commercial window cleaning service is in our training. Each member of our team must have at least 100 hours of training before they work on their first job, ensuring our clients that they will see the best results. Additionally, we use an exclusive streak-free formula for all of our commercial window cleaning jobs, and we go the extra mile to remove cobwebs and wipe down sills and trim.

Customer Satisfaction

Wondering how confident we are that we can provide the best business window cleaning services? We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee—if you notice any spots or stains on the windows within 48 hours of our service, simply give us a call and we’d be happy to return within one week to reclean the affected area at no additional cost.

Bonded and Insured

If you’re hiring a commercial window cleaning service on behalf of a company, it’s important that you make sure they’re fully bonded and insured. Window Hero carries 2 million dollars worth of liability insurance for your peace of mind and safety—no more worrying about who is servicing your place of business.

Our Multiple Service Locations

All Window Hero locations are franchised and owned by members of the community. This is deliberate; we believe that to best serve a community, a business should be owned and operated by a member of the community. Who knows what you need better than your neighbor?

Window Hero has locations all over the south and we’re still growing. Browse our locations to find our nearest location.


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The Commercial Window Cleaning Process

Whether your storefront is in the heart of charming Birmingham or in the laid-back downtown of Ormond Beach, the process is the same. We train all of our employees to work quickly, but very efficiently so that your windows are crystal clear faster, and stay that way longer. Here’s how we do it:

  1. We remove the dust and cobwebs from window frames. This is an essential step so that they aren’t flushed into the window track or lower part of the frame.
  2. Using a water-fed pole or spray bottle, we wet the windows. This is to loosen any dirt or residue buildup on the glass.
  3. If necessary and if the material of the window will allow it, we scrape debris and dirt from the surface of the window.
  4. We use squeegees to clean the window from corner to corner, top to bottom.
  5. We also use a cloth to clean the edges and corners and remove excess water. This is to prevent streaks later as water escapes the gaskets and frames around the window.

These steps may seem fairly simple, but many people leave streaks, not to mention grow tired throughout the cleaning process and make mistakes. Our professionals are trained so that we get windows clean faster than someone who hasn’t been trained to do it.

Why Clean Commercial Windows are Important

Having a brick-and-mortar business, even if it’s just an office in a building, can be a big responsibility. Aside from paying for it, maintaining it is paramount to the success of your company—and maintaining your windows is essential to making them last longer. Here are the main reasons that you should prioritize clean windows for your business and hire professionals.

Create a Healthier Workplace

A clean office is indeed a healthy office. By having your windows professionally cleaned, you will eliminate dirt and dust that have accumulated on the window panes. This will help prevent employees and clients from getting health complications caused by allergens. If commercial windows are well cleaned, more people will be willing to work with you because they know that you care about their health and general well-being.

Boost Productivity for Employees

Asking staff members to take on the responsibility of cleaning the windows distracts them from their responsibilities, and it may result in a negative work experience. However, if you hire a professional window cleaning service, you will allow your employee to focus on doing what they know best. A study by Professor Alan Pearson of the University of Adelaide even suggests that more natural light can greatly increase productivity. Dirty, dingy windows certainly don’t help.

Promote Safety & Prevent Accidents

Commercial cleaners are professionally trained to clean commercial windows. In addition to that, they have the right equipment to perform their cleaning tasks safely. Professionals know how to safely clean high-rise commercial windows, preventing accidents such as falling or glass damage. Doing this yourself, or asking employees to, can create a dangerous situation.

Make A Good Impression

Most business owners are well aware that first impressions matter. Clean windows, or a lack of, almost always impact the first impression of your company. If windows and screens are dingy or dirty, that typically leaves a bad first impression.

Please reach out to our team of experts to learn more about our commercial window cleaning services. Our crew is experienced, professional, background checked, and ready to support you—get a free quote today.

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