Top 4 Reasons to Wash Your Windows in Lake Norman

From Professional Cleaning to DIY Upkeep

Are your windows looking less than crystal clear lately? Or, maybe you’re just wondering how often they need cleaned each year. Understanding the importance of clean windows is key, especially for home owners in Lake Norman who are prone to harsh winds and heavy rain throughout the year. Learn more about the top four reasons why window cleaning is essential.

To Improve Curb Appeal

Having dirty, dusty window not only leaves a bad impression in front of guests, but it also devalues your property. The easiest way to spruce up your exterior surfaces in a pinch is to use a DIY cleaning solution made from vinegar, liquid dish soap, and water. We recommend using this method as needed between professional maintenances. Looking for other ways to step up your curb appeal game? Check out these five simple ideas.

To Enhance Air Quality

As a rule of thumb, dirty windows can be risky to your health, too. Buildup of debris, dirt, and mildew can impact the air quality in your home, and it can lead to respiratory issues if left untouched for extended periods of time. To avoid this issue, schedule at least two professional window cleanings a year in Lake Norman—once in the late spring after pollen season is over, and once in the late fall before colder weather settles in.

To Extend Your Windows’ “Shelf Life”

If you have invested in expensive windows, why not put in the extra work to keep them clean? Acid rain, dirt, pollen, and grime can collect on your windows and cause minor damages and scratches over time. Plus, these contaminants can creep into slits and cracks, hindering the windows’ function. Again, we encourage two annual professional cleanings per year and plenty of DIY upkeep in between. If you’re still noticing your windows aren’t performing at their best, check out this complete guide on how to insulate windows.

To Enjoy a Better View

There’s no doubt about it—Lake Norman offers some of the most beautiful views in the state. But, if your windows are dirty and streaky, surely the view won’t be what you expected. Make sure you’re doing the lake justice by scheduling routine window cleanings.

The bottom line? Window cleaning in Lake Norman is a must. Not only does it affect the look and feel of your home, but it can impact your health, too. If it’s challenging for you to wash your own windows, consider hiring experts to help. Check out these seven questions you should ask before hiring a window cleaning pro.

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