Finding the Best Exterior Cleaning Company

When you think of an exterior cleaning company, you probably don’t have the highest expectations.

Maybe the crew you usually hire shows up late, or without all the equipment they need to get the job done properly. Or, maybe they charge a premium price for a subpar quality service.

Either way, many exterior cleaning companies will fall short of your expectations. On the surface it seems simple, but there’s a lot that goes into selecting the cleaners for your property. From how a company charges to whether or not they are insured, it’s tough to decide on a good professional company.

Browse our step-by-step guide below to learn more about choosing the best cleaning company for your needs.

Step 1: Evaluate Your Property

Some companies don’t come out and give you a free estimate (we do, by the way.) It’s important to have an idea of how big or complex your project is. To do that, you’ll need to evaluate your property.

Assess the Condition of Your Gutters & Downspouts

The best gutter cleaning companies will do minor adjustments to your gutter system, like replacing and tightening down screws and hardware. This helps keep your gutter system attached to your roof and functioning normally. But, replacing your whole gutter system, or even segments isn’t a service typically offered by cleaning companies. When a gutter system is too far gone, it’s better to forgo gutter cleaning and get a new system.

Here are two strong indications that your system needs major repairs or replacement:

  • Cracking. Fasteners, sealants, and other techniques may prolong the life of your system, but ultimately they will fail if your gutters are cracking. This puts your property at risk as well as your safety in the event of sudden breaks and falling debris.
  • Rust. If rust is only present on hardware that fastens your system to the roof and exterior walls, it may just be a matter of replacing that hardware. However, if the cause of the rust has also impacted parts of your system that you can’t see, replacing that hardware doesn’t fix the issue.

When choosing a gutter cleaning professional, it’s a good idea to see if they offer an estimate. Reputable companies will be honest about the condition of your gutters and if they should be cleaned or replaced.

➡️Pro Tip: If your gutters are overflowing and you’re certain that there aren’t any clogs, this could also indicate improper installation, damage, or that the design may be preventing water from flowing correctly.

Count Number of Windows & Placement

Selecting the best window cleaning company really isn’t a matter of choosing a random search result online. Different companies charge in different ways and numerous factors go into that decision. Before you make that first phone call, ask yourself these questions:

  1. How many windows need to be cleaned? If you have a lot of windows, select a professional that doesn’t charge by the pane.
  2. Is your property more than one level? Choose a window cleaning company that can handle multi-story properties.
  3. What types of windows do you have? Some companies don’t clean all window types.

Determine How Much Debris is Built Up on Your Exterior

If the exterior of a building isn’t maintained, years of organic material, dirt, and muck can build up in layers on the surface. It’s unsightly, and it’s a breeding ground for many unwanted pests or growth. You can get a rough idea of how much work will need to be done by walking around the property and testing different areas to see how easily debris is removed with a simple cotton cloth.

Additionally, you’ll want to determine what type of exterior is on your home or business. In some cases, soft washing, not pressure washing, is best and this can impact the cost of pressure washing your home.

The best pressure washing companies will do more than just one service and will be able to bundle all of your exterior cleaning needs together for a reduced rate.

Step 2: Search for Reputable Companies

With so many companies in the industry, choosing a professional exterior cleaning service can be difficult. There are a few ways that you can search for a reputable company. Here are some of your options:

  • Do an internet search. Simply doing a search for cleaners near you can bring up all kinds of results. Maps showing their locations, ratings by other consumers, and their hours of operation are all readily available. This is a great starting point for choosing the best window washers, gutter cleaners, and pressure washers in your area.
  • Ask around. Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to find a cleaning company. Chances are that a neighbor, co-worker, or friend has experience with different exterior cleaning companies and, good or bad, will be happy to share.

Once you have a handful of companies in mind, you’ll want to prune that list even further by browsing review sites.

Review sites have the benefit of comparing companies side by side and offering up the most positive, or the most critical, reviews. This allows you to see relevant information quickly and without a lot of extras. Labor Panes, for example, is rated five stars by many different review sites.

➡️Pro Tip: Many people may not leave a review on a review site simply because it isn’t convenient. Try searching Facebook, or other social media outlets, to see if users have left reviews on their page, as posts, or on their profile.

Here are some things to look for and consider when comparing reviews for cleaning companies:

Pay More Attention to Reviews, Not Rating

This is particularly applicable to listings with fewer reviews. Given the number of ways that customers can share their experiences—social media, Google, and Angi’s List, to name a few—a listing with fewer reviews isn’t necessarily indicative of service. Regardless if a listing has five stars and a few hundred reviews or one star and ten reviews, you’ll want to glance through and see what others say.

Reviews should be similar to what you see on social media and on other review sites. This ensures that the company is consistent in its quality of service. It’s also a good indication of if a company has paid for reviews. If four out of five sources say that their service quality is low, but one site paints them as the best in the business, something isn’t right.

Look for Words Like Professional, On-Time, Excellent, and Fairly Priced

These words and the accompanying phrases are always good signs when it comes to a cleaning company.

You’ll want to look at the dates as well. Cleaning companies that aren’t insured or are less professional don’t tend to last as long. If reviews are mostly positive and span years rather than months, it’s a good indication that they are one of the best exterior cleaning companies in your area.

The truth is that mediocre service typically delivers mediocre Phentermine without prescription reviews. Look for reviews that make you think that person would recommend the company to a family member looking for quality cleaning services at an affordable price.

Are Problems Resolved Quickly and Professionally?

Some reviewers forgo leaving a review if their experience was less than ideal or if there were issues. This is where social media pages come in. Using reviews and comments on the business’ page, look for examples of problems in service and how they handled it. Keep these questions in mind as you read reviews and comments:

  1. Was the issue related to poor training or subpar equipment?
  2. Did it take them an unreasonable amount of time to resolve the issue?
  3. And, was their customer service rude, derogatory, or unhelpful?

If the answer to any of those questions was yes, it isn’t a great indication of that company’s professionalism. Issues arise on jobs. While it shouldn’t happen often, it does happen occasionally. It’s important to know that the company you’re considering hiring will resolve the issue promptly, in a courteous, professional manner, and that the problem didn’t come from inexperience or equipment not equal to the job.

Step 3: Interview Prospective Companies

By now, your list is probably down to just a few businesses. As you browse websites and read content designed to impress you, there are a few things to ask companies that you don’t always see in reviews or clearly explained on their site.

First, you’ll want to ask the company these seven questions and see how their answers line up with what you’ve learned about them. These questions, while intended for finding the best window cleaning company, should apply to any business you’ve contracted to do work on your property. It’s a helpful list to keep on hand as a homeowner or property manager.

Here are two more things you should ask prospective exterior cleaning companies:

Do they specialize?

Some companies are better equipped for complex needs or commercial properties. For clients with specific needs, ask about their specializations to cut out companies that can’t satisfactorily or safely clean your property. Your top searches should specialize in both trades, which are commercial and residential. This usually guarantees more versatile, skilled, and experienced cleaners. Additionally, it’s helpful if they offer multiple services. A company that does gutter cleaning, window washing, and pressure washing is less of a hassle to work with.

Do they guarantee their work?

Any cleaning company, but especially exterior cleaning companies, should be willing to back its work. For example, if you’ve noticed that we missed a spot or you aren’t happy with our service, let us know within 48 hours. We’ll come out and fix it free of charge. Good companies prioritize your satisfaction (and their reputation,) so they’ll take steps to make sure your experience with them is a positive one.

Courteous, Professional, and Affordable: The Best Exterior Cleaning Company

What makes us different from other exterior cleaning companies out there?

We go the extra mile to provide quality services you can depend on so that when we leave your property, you feel good about the service we perform.

And, to ensure that you receive the best service, we insure our employees and service, and we train our employees in safety and cleaning techniques so that we can do the job efficiently—and without risking our safety or damaging your property. In case something does happen, though, we’re insured so that you can rest easy.

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