Preparing Your Beach House for Vacation Rentals

With Commercial Pressure Washing & Other Services

Do you own a beach house that you rent out year round? It can be a challenge to keep up with property maintenance from a distance, but there are a few common services that we suggest keeping top of mind when preparing your home to be clean, shining, and ready for renters. Learn more about the importance of professional window cleaning, commercial pressure washing, house washing, and other interior cleaning projects as you prep. 

Keep the Windows Shining

Typically, beach houses experience a higher frequency of storms and high winds, exposing windows to more debris and salt. For homes situated right on the beach, this issue can be even more troublesome, causing potential corrosion and damage to window glass. To prepare your home for renters, we suggest scheduling a professional window cleaning to ensure property maintenance is top notch. Relying on professionals is key as coastal areas have harder water with higher concentrations of calcium and other minerals, so for home’s with an irrigation system, it’s likely that some of the water is getting on windows and creating harsh stains. Therefore, routine professional window cleaning will limit the effects of stains. 

Remove Dirt & Grime Buildup

Did you know that grime and mildew thrive in humid environments like the beach? Coastal areas usually get more rain and have higher humidity than inland areas, meaning these contaminants grow quickly, making commercial pressure washing essential to your property maintenance to-do list. We strongly recommend scheduling commercial pressure washing or house washing services on a frequent basis to avoid this situation. Keeping all sidewalks, decks, and exterior surfaces free of dirt, grime, and salt buildup will make your rental home look more inviting to guests all year. 

Unclog Unsightly Gutters

If you don’t frequently visit your rental property, it’s easy to forget about things like gutter cleaning. But, just because you don’t see clogged gutters and debris overflow doesn’t mean it’s not there. Prevent water drainage problems and a dirty looking exterior by scheduling routine gutter cleaning maintenances. And, if your property is situated in an area that’s subject to excess foliage, be sure to explore our gutter guard solution, too.

Spruce Up Interior Spaces

Of course, interior cleaning is also important to rental property maintenance. As renters come and go, you’re bound to invest in some routine upkeep services such as hiring a maid or cleaning service to come between each tenant, steam cleaning flooring and carpeting, as well as repainting or sprucing up outdated decor to keep your home enticing for vacationers looking to rent. Lastly, be mindful of stocking up on some basic household supplies such as hand soaps, extra towels and washcloths, and everyday cleaning products for cleaning up small messes and spills—having these handy for your guests will go a long way in keeping your rental property tidy in between services.

As you look to prepare your beach house for renters and cross off all of your property maintenance needs, contact Labor Panes for professional window cleaning, commercial pressure washing, and house washing services. Our highly-trained team is in your area, and ready to take care of your beach house’s unique needs—in fact, check out our entire suite of commercial services for a list of ways we can help support your business.

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