Gutter Guards

Fend Off Foliage. Reduce Annual Maintenance.

Protect your gutters and shield your property from ongoing upkeep with our durable and efficient gutter guard technology. Dirt, grit, and debris are no match.

Why Choose Us for Gutter Guards?

Significantly reduce the amount of gutter maintenance you need each year, and rely on expert installers who will ensure your property’s safety throughout the entire process—with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • Over 100 hours of employee training
  • Ladders equipped with stabilizers
  • Uniformed teams with background checks
  • Fully insured & bonded
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See If Gutter Guards Are Right For You

While gutter guards aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution, we do recommend them if you find that you are having to clean out your gutters more than two times a year. Check out some of the benefits:

Prevent Clogs

Our micro-mesh gutter guards keep leaves, pine needles, and roof sand grit out of your gutter, providing maximum water flow throughout the gutter system.

Maintain Curb Appeal

The low-profile and translucent appearance of our gutter guards blend seamlessly with your roof.

Find a Compatible Fit

Whatever roof style or type you have, rest assured that our gutter guards will fit. They are easily secured on a variety of homes.

Why Choose Us Everytime!

  • Over 100 hours of employee training
  • You are covered while we install your guards.  We are fully insured.
  • Ladders are designed not to touch gutters.
  • Uniformed teams
  • Background checks

Ladders that don't harm the gutters!

Unlike most gutter guard installers, Window Hero’s installer ladders are equipped with stabilizers that prevent the bending of the gutters. We are able to rest the ladder on the roof, avoiding any unneccessary damage to the gutters.

We keep you safe!

Why count on anyone but a Hero to keep you safe? Over 5,000 homeowners have reported falling from their ladders each year. Don’t risk your life by climbing up a ladder in order to clean your gutters multiple times a year. Let us save the day and see if gutter guards would be a good fit for your home.

Want Gutters That Are Nearly Invincible?
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Hear From Our Customers

Window Hero cleaned our gutters. They did good work and were thorough. Very friendly and they communicated exactly what they would be doing. When there was a delay to the originally scheduled service, they were quick and fair with rescheduling.

Martha G.

Window Hero have cleaned our gutters and windows for years now. Their people are always courteous and professional. They arrived on time, cleaned the gutters removing all of the debris, and did their work quickly.

Tom C.

Great service, very responsive. Washed off the mildew from our siding. Will use next year.

Patricia B.

They showed up on time and cleaned the windows as requested. They were very polite and nice young men.

Cathy S.

Came promptly during scheduled appointment and cleaned gutters and replace security light bulbs. Very efficient. Recommend.

Ed C.

I have used this company for several years to clean my gutters and do some power washing. They always do a good job and clean up after themselves.

Lynn K.
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