How To Increase Your Property Value

With a Home Maintenance Checklist

The benefits of enhancing your property value are impactful as it makes any future buying and selling process more seamless, and it gives your home some curb appeal for you, your family, and neighbors to enjoy. However, increasing your property value can be an overwhelming feat — where does you start to get the most return on your investment? First, keep a home maintenance checklist of all of the items you want to tackle, including any indoor or outdoor project that you may have been pushing off for a while. Then, start checking off the list item by item. Need some suggestions on what to include on your home maintenance checklist? Check out some of our suggestions. 

Any outdoor project you include on your home maintenance checklist will do dividends to your home’s property value, but if you still need some ideas, we have plenty of them! First, start out simple by sprucing up any flower beds by planting fresh flowers or trees—it’s an easy, cheap way to give your home some color and life. Then, think about painting your front door a complimentary color to your home’s exterior. And last but not least, invest in an outdoor project that makes your home sparkle and shine with professional window cleaning and pressure washing services. Or, if you live in an area that has a lot of foliage and routinely clogged gutters, contact a professional to see if gutter guards are for you. This added feature would greatly enhance the sales pitch on your home if you decide to sell. Always keep in mind that staging the exterior of your home is just as important as staging the interior. 

When it comes to indoor projects, there are many things you can easily and cost-effectively add to your home maintenance checklist to increase your property value. For example, start by creating a neutral color scheme for each room and do a simple paint refresh. Most home buyers look for move-in ready homes and are much more likely to purchase if they don’t have to cover up crazy wall colors. Next, tidy up all of your flooring and walls with a deep cleaning to eliminate any built up pet odor or unwelcoming smells. You can also overhaul your kitchen to keep up with the modern buyer by painting or replacing kitchen cabinets and countertops—after all, the kitchen is one of your home’s biggest assets! Lastly, consider overhauling any closet space by reorganizing or restructuring them. This is another item on the home maintenance checklist that’s a homeowner must-have. 

If you’re more motivated than ever to start your home maintenance checklist, we highly encourage you to explore our entire service line as we’d love to assist in any outdoor project. Learn more about the benefits of each service:

Pressure Washing: Eliminate any unwanted stains, dirt, grime or mildew from your home.

Window Cleaning: Get rid of streaks and buildup for a sparkling touch to your exterior. TIP: Try removing window screens before listing your home for a brighter, fresher appearance—after all, spiderwebs covering your screens can be an eyesore! Simply place them in the attic or garage for the next owner to reinstall.

Gutter Cleaning: Eliminate leaves and debris from gutters to avoid larger, more costly issues if left unresolved.

Gutter Guards: Add these to your home if you live in an area where foliage is abundant and greatly reduce yearly cleaning and upkeep.

Increasing your home’s property value is so important—by creating a home maintenance checklist and taking care of any indoor or outdoor project, you’ll greatly benefit in the long run. Have peace of mind that your home is maintained and ready to sell whenever you think the time is right. Contact us today to learn more about what items we’d suggest adding to your home’s unique home maintenance checklist.

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