Why Gutter Guards Are a Valuable Home Investment

If your home continually suffers from clogged gutters, gutter guards may be a very valuable home investment. However, a bad quality gutter guard can actually cause more issues than having no guard at all. 

How to Choose the Best Gutter Guard:

Below are three things that are a must in choosing a gutter guard:

  1. They must be made of material that will last
  2. They must prevent all debris from entering the gutters
  3. They must allow water to flow into the gutter

It’s surprising how many products on the market don’t meet these musts. For example, a plastic or foam material is destined to warp and deteriorate, usually within a matter of a couple years. Guards with larger holes may prevent large leaves, but can still allow pine needles, shingle grit, and small debris to pass through and clog the gutter. Some guards that are solid metal prevent all debris, but are limited in their ability to allow water to flow into the gutter, especially during heavy rain. 

So, what’s the best gutter guard? A solid steel micro mesh. These have the best combination of durable material, preventing debris, while still allowing water to flow. It’s a common misconception that there’s any such thing as a maintenance-free gutter guard. Regardless of the type of guard you choose, some maintenance will be required to ensure debris hasn’t built up on the tops of the guards or valleys of the roof. 

What’s Gutter Guard Installation Like?

Some gutter guards are DIY friendly, but these are typically lower quality guards that we recommend staying away from. If you choose the best gutter guards on the market, these are best installed by a professional contractor like Labor Panes. You want to find a company that is going to stand by their product with a warranty, so if you have future issues with the gutter guard installation, they can help you resolve them.

While gutter guards don’t make sense for every home, they can significantly help homes that are getting debris into their gutters on a regular basis. Clogged gutters can cause damage to your home, foundation, and landscaping. If you find that your gutters are clogging on a regular basis, then they may be a great investment for your home. Contact the Labor Panes team if you have any questions about the best gutter guards for your home or would like an inspection of your overall gutter system. 

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