5 Affordable Ways to Give Your Charlotte Home a Fresh New Look

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Living in Charlotte and wondering what options are available to spruce up your exterior space? You’re in luck—the city is a prime spot for outdoor projects since the weather is usually cooperative throughout much of the fall, spring, and summer. Whether you want tips on when to schedule a window cleaning service in your area, or you need inspiration for your latest patio project, check out these top five ways you can give your home a fresh new look. 

  1. Schedule Regular Maintenance Cleaning

Window Cleaning

First and foremost, when refreshing your Charlotte home, consider window cleaning—whether you want to do it yourself or leverage the experts. If you’ve noticed that your windows aren’t shining like they used to, it’s likely because you’ve gone too long in between cleanings. Charlotte’s warm weather and rainy seasons can take a toll on your glass, so staying on top of annual maintenance is key. Opting for the DIY route? Use an eco-friendly, homemade cleaning solution and a soft cloth or squeegee. Or, if you’re in the market to hire, check out these four questions you should be asking before scheduling a service.

Gutter Cleaning

The second simple way you can refresh your home is to schedule a gutter cleaning service. We recommend having your gutters cleaned out at least twice a year. For most homes in Charlotte, a cleaning after all the leaves have fallen, and again in May after pollen season, will suffice. If you’re opting to do this project yourself, remove all the leaves from your gutters and make sure the downspouts are checked and unclogged. If you’re not sure how to ensure proper drainage, get in touch with professionals who can assist.

Pressure Washing

The next affordable option to level up your home’s value is to schedule a pressure washing service. Grime, dirt, and mildew build up over time, leaving your surfaces looking discolored, grimy, and even unsafe to walk on. Pressure washing is a great way to restore and maintain these exterior surfaces, and it creates a more inviting home for guests and out-of-town visitors. Not sure what parts of your home can be safely pressure washed? Check out this quick guide for the top 4 must-clean areas.

2. Prioritize Small Exterior Facelifts

Another affordable way to give your Charlotte home a fresh new look is to do small projects in your yard, or on your deck, porch or patio. First, try planting flowers in your garden and buy new furniture for the deck. Or, consider staining your deck and building a new fence. For more ideas on what you can do to spruce up your space, check out these five ways to enhance home’s curb appeal.

    3. Install Gutter Guards

Another way to give your Charlotte home a fresh look is to install gutter guards. A clogged gutter can create water damage and wear and tear on the fascia board below the gutter line. Thankfully, there’s an affordable, long-term solution for your home with micro-mesh gutter guards. Micro-mesh guards are made from material filled with holes that cover the gutter and attach to the roof, filtering out all of the debris and allowing the water to flow through the gutter at the same time. They prevent clogs, fend off leaves and pine needles, and keep roof grit out of your gutter. Also, they seamlessly blend with your roof and fit on a variety of gutter and roof types. While they are a bit more of an investment compared to a simple gutter cleaning, they do pay for themselves in the long run and reduce the need for frequent maintenance.

   4. Repaint the Front Door

Another suggestion for Charlotte residents is to repaint their front doors with a bright and bold new color. This national trend has been a popular choice for Charlotte homeowners over the last couple of years—a fresh coat of paint can do wonders to your door or home, and can even make it look like new.

  5. Upgrade Windows & Shutters

The final suggestion for home exterior maintenance ideas is to consider changing the window style of your residence. You can do this by upgrading from a picture window to a new bay style window, or swap your double hung windows for casement windows with grids. Additionally, consider getting brand new shutters to match your new windows—shutters just have a certain charm about them. If your home doesn’t have them, this is a project that can instantly upgrade your curb appeal.

Overall, there are many affordable projects you can do to give your home in Charlotte a fresh new look—from scheduling regular maintenance cleanings to repainting the front door. If you’d like ideas for other easy projects, check out our blog for simple outdoor deck ideas to refresh your space. Or, snag this homeowners checklist for a quick guide on projects you’ll never forget about again.

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