4 Questions to Ask A Residential Window Washing Company

As the flowers begin to bloom and the winter’s wear and tear start to show up on your windows, you’re probably looking for a reliable window cleaning company to help you remove tough streaks and stains. With tons of companies in your area, it can be difficult to decide which one to go with, so keep a few of these key questions in mind while you’re doing your market research—they can be super helpful while gathering insights about an upcoming  residential window washing project.

  1. Is Your Team Fully Insured?

This is the first question you should be asking any residential window washing company. Typically, for multi-story homeowners, you’ll need second and third story windows washed which can be risky. Hard-to-reach surfaces and elevated areas will always pose a threat for falling or other injuries, so it’s essential that any company you hire has good window cleaning insurance. For example, Labor Panes’ highly trained team is fully-insured, so you never have to worry about extra costs due to accidents.

2. Can I have pricing details before the service is completed?

Make sure that you always know how much a service will cost before it’s actually complete. Some residential window washing companies may come to service your home and use costly equipment or cleaning solutions that you didn’t know about—only to show up on your invoice later. Be sure to always ask for a quote and see what is included in the service package. In fact, if you contact us, we would be happy to give you a free estimate and explain what is included in our window washing services. With our team, detail matters, so you can rest assured that wiping down cobwebs, dusty sills, and dirty window trim is a part of what we offer to every client.

3. Do you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee?

Have you ever had someone come to your home and deliver a subpar service? Or, have you ever purchased a big ticket item and later had some buyer’s remorse with no safety net to get your money back? We sure have. That’s why it’s so important to ask residential window washing crews if they offer any type of guarantee. For instance, our team promises every client that we will return within one week of service if they notice any issues within 48 hours. Simply give us a call and we’ll come to take care of it with no additional cost to you—talk about some great customer window cleaning insurance

4. Are customer testimonials or reviews readily available?

Any respectable window washing company will have some reviews on their website, Yelp, or Google listings. Make sure you visit these platforms to see what previous or recurring customers are saying about the crew, prices, and finished product. If you’re thinking of hiring any of Labor Panes’ teams, here are a few examples of what folks have said: 

“Labor Panes have cleaned our gutters and windows for years now. Their people are always courteous and professional.” — Tom C. 

“Great service, very responsive.” — Patricia B. 

“They showed up on time and cleaned the windows as requested. They were very polite and nice young men.” — Cathy S.

Aside from these four questions, we also encourage you to ask about the cleaning solutions and equipment that will be used on your home, especially if your house has unique needs or susceptible materials. Additionally, many residential window washing companies like Labor Panes also offer premier commercial window cleaning services, so be sure to inquire if that need arises. Interested in learning more about our commercial maintenance services? Read our blog for more information, or see how we can also help you choose the right gutter cleaning company, too.

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