Window Cleaning and Maintenance Tips in Nashville

Professional advice for Nashville residents to keep windows sparkling all year long

Music City, or as most people know it, Nashville, Tennessee, is known for being a beautiful town with a large residential population. And homeowners there know that cleaning and maintaining a home’s windows is crucial for a variety of reasons. It impacts curb appeal, your home value, and even energy efficiency. Read on for advice on how you can take the very best care of your windows in Nashville.

Insulation from the Seasons

Tennessee experiences all four seasons, and weather plays a huge role in the life of your windows. With hot and muggy summers come swelling windows that can foster condensation if not properly insulated. If this is something you’re experiencing, read about how to best insulate your windows. Sometimes, a simple caulk job will do the trick, but for more extensive problems you might consider investing in insulated glass units. The more insulated your windows are, the more it will have a direct impact on your home’s energy efficiency and, in turn, your heating and cooling bills.

Streak-Free Cleaning

Now that your windows are nice and insulated against the weather elements, you are probably wondering how to get them looking their best! We have a DIY Cleaning Solution that works wonders on glass and is made up of only three ingredients. We recommend using a microfiber cloth rather than paper towels with this solution for a streak-free shine. A squeegee can also be a good investment to get larger windows cleaned quickly.

Maintaining Window Frames

An often overlooked job when cleaning is your window frames. It is recommended to clean out loose debris and cobwebs with a vacuum first before applying a liquid cleaner. This allows the cleaner to go on a lot easier and be more effective. Q-tips can be used in the small interior tracks and corners of the frames. Be sure to take out your window screens first to avoid damaging them. The Family Handyman recommends using a paint can opener to help remove stubborn window screens.

Recommended Cleaning Frequency

It’s a great feeling to look out your window and see nothing but streak-free shine, but what’s more difficult is maintaining the work you just put in. We recommend cleaning your home’s windows about once to month to prolong their life and efficiency. Remember how well-insulated windows directly impact your home’s energy efficiency? Many people are surprised to learn that the cleanliness of your glass impacts this as well. Clean windows allow more sunlight to pass through, bringing warmth during the winter months. And during the summer, dirt can actually trap heat on your glass. So keeping your windows clean and smudge-free is a win/win! 

Lastly, hiring professionals for a once yearly deep-clean of your Nashville home’s windows will ensure they are in their best condition. Not sure what to ask before hiring someone for the job? Read the top 7 questions you should ask on our blog.

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