What is the Best Professional Squeegee for Cleaning Windows?

Updated on: March 11, 2022

Let’s face it, cleaning windows is a hard job. While having to hold onto a heavy, uncomfortable handle you have to stretch and bend your body into awkward positions to get every spot. It can end up causing a lot of wrist and back pain. And, that’s just one task related to updating your exterior. That’s why getting an easy-to-use, comfortable, and ergonomic squeegee is a great idea. Not only will you be more comfortable, it’ll also mean fewer trips to the chiropractor to undo all that pain and discomfort. Here are our top four suggestions and why we like them:

  • Ettore All-Purpose Squeegee: Great for large applications
  • Unger Steel Pro: Lightweight with a lifetime warranty
  • Leifheit Window Vacuum Cleaner: Vacuums up water as it cleans
  • Unger Performance Grip: Ergonomic and works with an extension pole

If you were wondering “What is the best professional squeegee for cleaning windows?” you have come to the right place. Keep reading for an in-depth review of these four fantastic products.

Our Four Squeegees Picks for Cleaning Windows

As professionals, we use and try a lot of different products. Some are great, and some don’t really hold up to the kind of work we do. We’ve listed some of our top choices here and what our professionals suggest for homeowners and business owners that want to keep their windows clean between professional visits.

Ettore All-Purpose Squeegee

Ettore 17018
All-Purpose Squeegee
Looking at the reasonable price tag you would never expect this squeegee to be one of the best in the market, and yet it is. Made entirely out of brass, this squeegee is especially resistant to rust and wear, and the extra-long 18 inches blade will help you clean windows as fast and smoothly as possible. While not ideal for smaller applications, it’s great for uncomplicated, larger windows, like sliding glass doors.

Unger Steel Pro

Unger Professional
Steel Window and
Glass Squeegee
The blade is made out of heavy-duty stainless steel so that it lasts longer than plastic models. And, the rubber blade is also rather soft, ensuring no scratches or damage to the windows. Another benefit is that it is very lightweight. This makes it easier to use for long periods of time.For customer convenience, Unger provides a lifetime warranty with their squeegee as well as replacement rubber blades.

Leifheit Window Vacuum Cleaner

Leifheit Nemo Window Vacuum
This revolutionary tool combines a very powerful vacuum system with a two-sided microfiber pad and a soft squeegee to ensure your windows will be as clean as can be. This vacuum is specially designed to work in any direction without leaving any drips or runny patches that might stain your windows again and it comes with an internal battery that will last 45 minutes, making it perfect to clean the windows of your house or office.

Unger Performance Grip

Unger Professional Performance Grip


While a bit heavy, we wanted to give the Unger Professional Performance Grip Squeegee special mention as its ergonomic handle is specifically engineered to be comfortable to use and hold for long periods of time. The 18 inches stainless steel blade is durable, and rust-resistant, making this an ideal tool for cleaning big windows fast. It attaches to the Unger telescopic pole as well, making it interchangeable with other Unger products. Like some of their other items, Unger backs this one with a lifetime warranty.

Cleaning windows is a deceptively difficult task. Most people go into it optimistic but soon discover that without the proper equipment or technique, it’s actually hard to do and not leave unsightly streaks. Check out our other recommended products, or better yet, contact your local Labor Panes location and get a free quote. We’ll do it for you!

If you’re considering going with a professional to have your windows cleaned, check out our post on if professional window cleaning is worth it.

The Best Window Squeegees: Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of window squeegees out there, but not all of them actually get the job done or last very long. Browse our most frequently asked questions about window squeegees to get answers! Don’t see your question? Comment below so that we can include it here.

Which is the best window squeegee?

Ettore and Unger consistently prove to be very reliable squeegees. So, while any from our list would work just fine, we’d recommend exploring these brands for a product that will last for years.

What squeegee do professional window cleaners use?

Like our other blogs centered around DIY, we only recommend tools and techniques that we use and can vouch for. While a trained associate may choose one squeegee over another because of the ergonomic fit of the handle and their own personal preference, it’s likely one from this list.

Which is better: silicone or rubber squeegee?

For windows, we recommend rubber blades. They are stiff and durable while also not damaging to the glass. For tile and textured surfaces such as that, we suggest silicone blades.

Is it better to clean windows with a squeegee?

Yes, using a squeegee is the best way to clean a window, regardless of if it’s an indoor or exterior window. It’s a faster and more effective way to clean windows over other methods, and the end result is a streak-free finish if done correctly.

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