The Importance of Home Window Cleaning for Your Family

Running a household involves a million little things to do throughout the day, month, and year. They add up, and it gets exhausting.

Sweeping. Maintaining the kitchen. Taking care of the lawn.

A lot of things fall by the wayside, and home window cleaning seems like one of the least important items on the list. A little dirt on your windows isn’t cute, but it isn’t hurting anyone, right?

In reality, dirty windows have more negative effects than you think, and making time for regular window cleaning – or hiring a professional service to take care of it – may be worth the investment. Read why below.

Home Window Cleaning Improves Your Mood

It’s widely understood that being cooped up in your house all day is no good for your mental health. People need natural light, views of the outside world and socialization.

Clutter and dirt in your home also affect your mental health. An organized home is so related to an organized mind that the ancient philosophy of feng shui was dedicated to keeping the environment around you in order.

Window cleaning is the ultimate crossover activity to hard-hit all the areas of home living that can drag on your mental health. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Cleaning your windows gives you a better view of the outside world.
  2. Filthy windows block out natural light. Wiping them down lets the light in.
  3. Clean windows add to the general cleanliness and positive feng shui of your home.

Don’t think of a home window cleaning as a chore. Treat yourself to some tidiness, natural light, and outdoor views.

Leaving Windows Unclean Can Encourage Damage

Think about it. If a piece of dirt gets on your eyeglasses, it’s easy to wipe it off without damaging them.

But, if you leave the dirt there, it causes abrasiveness against the glass and eventually leaves a mark. Right?

The same thing applies to the windows of your house, except on a bigger scale. Smears of dirt or sand can scratch. Random outdoor substances can have acidic or abrasive qualities that cause damage to your windows.

This damage can be subtle. It’s often called etching, to refer to the tiny but affecting indents caused by such abrasion. Even if you can’t see it, it is still shortening the life of your windows and lowering your home’s value.

If you neglect home window cleaning, here are a few substances that can get to your windows, depending on where you live:


Sand can be one of the most abrasive substances, especially in windy weather. Sand buildup can be incredibly harmful to home or business windows.


Living near the ocean is a double-whammy to your windows.

Salt is a bit of an invisible danger. It’s harder to see than sand or dirt build-ups, but it will get to your windows before you realize if you don’t clean them regularly.

Hard Water or Reclaimed Water

You’re not even safe if you live in a grassy suburbia. A lot of neighborhoods use these types of waters or have additives like fluoride in their water.

This is something to watch out for because the minerals and levels of acidity in suburban water can build up on your windows and cause serious harm.

Bark, Mulch, and Other Landscaping

If there are a lot of trees or landscaping around your house, residue or sap from the plants can quickly stick to your windows and become harmful. Mulch, especially low-quality mulch, can even harbor bacteria that can be the culprit of window spots.

Clean Windows Affect Home and Neighborhood Value

Keeping your windows clean boosts curbside appeal and can help increase the value of your home. Even if you aren’t going to sell your house anytime soon, keeping the windows clean is important.

If the neighborhood value stays high, then your home will also retain value when the time does come to sell.

According to Money Magazine, window cleaning provides a 769% return on investment. This is higher than anything else you can do for your home.

Professional Window Maintenance Increases Safety

Allowing a professional to clean your windows on a regular basis can actually increase the increase the safety of your home maintenance.

Professionals can reach hard places that would be difficult or dangerous to clean yourself. Plus, those spots are often where insects like wasps and bees like to build nests.

Professionals are also more likely to spot any warning signs that windows need additional help besides a window cleaning. They can help you notice any structural damage to window panes or identify other problems early on.

Spotting problems early means they will be easier and cheaper to fix than later down the road when something finally breaks.

Investing in professional home window cleaning on a regular basis — even if you do it yourself sometimes in between — means that your windows will be getting the special treatment.

The professionals know the most effective products and window treatments to use. They also have easy access to supplies and tools that the average homeowner couldn’t or wouldn’t be able to buy.

Get a Professional Window Cleaning ASAP

What’s stopping you? Window cleaning is affordable and practically pays for itself by increasing the lifespan of your window panes and increasing your home value.

Windows are also a more important aspect of home safety maintenance than you may think. Plus, it’ll just increase the loveliness of where you live and give your home an extra feel-good sparkle.

Check out our website for more information. We also provide helpful tips and advice about home window cleaning to help you get started today!

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