In Full Bloom: Spring Plants

Best Plants and Flowers to Grow This Spring

After a long, dreary winter, many of us crave the vibrant colors, sweet smells, and cheerful sounds of the upcoming spring season. Plus, it’s a great time of year to tend to your garden and enhance your home’s curb appeal by growing some spring plants. But first, it’s important to know what to plant in spring and also when to plant spring flowers for optimal growth. Check out a few of our favorite spring plants and gather some tips on best planting practices.

Flowering Spring Plants

  1. Pansies

When you’re wondering what to plant in spring, one of our favorites is the Pansy—the earliest annual that typically blooms. As soon as the ground begins to thaw, you should start digging and planting these flowers because they will come up quickly in the spring.

       2. Primrose

These beautiful spring plants are one of the first perennials to bloom. We recommend planting them early in the spring for optimal results.

       3. Forsynthia

When these vibrant yellow spring plants blossom, it’s a telltale sign that spring has arrived! They’re extremely resistant to cold, so they can be planted in early to mid-spring, but should be placed somewhere that gets a lot of sun.

Edible Spring Plants

  1. Garlic

Wondering when to plant spring flowers that you can actually eat? Well, you’re in luck—you can plant garlic in the early spring, but be sure to place them two inches deep in the soil and about four inches apart. As a bonus, these spring plants are also great insect repellents.

       2. Potatoes

If you’re a meat and potatoes kind of household, growing potatoes can be economical. Plus, they’re one of the heartier spring plants that can be planted early in the season when there’s only one or two frosts left.

       3. Cucumber

A summertime staple if you ask us—but to enjoy them in the summer, be sure to plant them about two weeks from the last frost in a spot that gets a lot of sunlight. 

Whether you’re looking to grow some beautiful spring plants in a flower bed to elevate your property’s curb appeal, or you want to harvest some backyard crops this season, knowing exactly what to plant in spring and when to plant spring flowers is a great first step.

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