Why You Should Let a Professional Clean Your Gutters

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Many homeowners choose to spend an entire weekend cleaning the gutters on their home to save on gutter cleaning costs. However, it’s safer and more efficient to hire a professional company to clean them and ensure they’re functioning correctly. 

How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost?

The national average gutter cleaning cost is $150 for a standard 2 story, 2500 square foot home. Smaller homes can cost as little as $75-125, while large, high-end homes can cost as much as $300-$500 per cleaning. Contractors will generally price gutter cleaning based on the square footage of the house or linear feet of gutters. They also will take into account various factors such as how many stories the house has, any difficulty to access sections, the amount of debris in the gutters, and how long it’s been since they’ve last been cleaned. 

Before you schedule a gutter cleaning, make sure the company is fully insured, since safety is a legitimate concern for anyone who is on a ladder and accessing the roof of your house. Beware of low prices from contractors, as many of these companies do not carry insurance. This means you as the homeowner are liable for costs if an accident, such as a fall, were to occur. That’s why the Labor Panes team is the best way to clean gutters—our employees spend 100 hours in training and are fully insured. 

How Does the Labor Panes Team Clean Gutters?

While there’s not a particular best way to clean out gutters, it’s critical that the gutter is completely free of all debris and the downspouts have been checked and cleared. There are several methods that companies use such as hand cleaning, using a leaf blower, or using a water hose to flush out the gutter. However, these methods could leave a mess on your landscaping and lawn. That’s why our team hand scoops the leaves, bags them, and takes them away. The downspouts are then checked and unclogged as needed to ensure proper drainage. This is a common place for a clog to occur and is often hard to see, which is why it’s great to have a professional team check that each downspout is clear. 

Gutters can be damaged during the cleaning process if precautions are not taken. Ladders should never lean directly on the gutter. That’s why all of our ladders are equipped with stabilizers, which prevents the bending of the aluminum gutters. 

Cleaning gutters can be a risky job if you’re doing it on your own. That’s why many homeowners choose to have the Labor Panes team safely assess and clean their gutters. Our gutter cleaning costs take into account liability insurance, giving you complete peace of mind. If you’d like to schedule your first cleaning or have any questions, please contact the Labor Panes team

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