Keeping Your House Windows Clean All Year

At Your Lake Norman Home

When your home is located on the beautiful shores of Lake Norman, North Carolina, the exterior parts of your home can become vulnerable to the elements—heavy rain, whipping winds, and glaring sun. Because of this, it’s important to keep your home’s windows clean with the help of experts who know the area. Prevent the damage and unsightly appearances caused by harsh water stains, streaks, and dust and dirt buildup by learning more about how you can keep your windows clean year round.

Guard Against Water Stains

Perhaps one of the most pressing concerns for Lake Norman homeowners is that excess water stains that may be affecting their home’s windows. According to SFGate, you can stop rain or water spotting on your windows by applying a glass sealant that acts as a barrier between the window’s surface and any air pollutants. This may also help your windows stay clean longer between professional service appointments. Plus, sealants are fairly simple to apply. For example, some glass sealants can be sprayed directly on the surface to provide protection that lasts up to a year.

Choose Quality Cleaning Supplies

As the bright sun blares on your windows, it can easily expose any window streaks or stains that have been left unnoticed for too long. So, the trick is to stop streaks from happening in the first place. If you choose to upkeep your windows between professional services throughout the year, we highly recommend finding high-quality cleaning solutions. Good Housekeeping suggests using Invisible Glass cleaner or a Spic & Span window spray. They also recommend finding bottles that have fine mist settings—this can help the cleaner cling to the area directly without dripping as you wipe.

Schedule Routine Professional Cleanings

Because the Lake Norman area is so beautiful, you probably feel compelled to maintain the exterior of your home year round. However, it is important to lean on professionals like Labor Panes Lake Norman a couple times a year to give you a good base to work with. Our local window cleaning services are unmatched as we leverage a highly-trained team, an exclusive streak-free formula, and detailed cobweb removal and sill cleaning. Plus, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee—if you notice any water spots or streaks within 48 hours of service, please give us a call and we’d be happy to return within one week to clean the affected area at no additional cost.


If you’re searching for the best home maintenance companies in Lake Norman, the answer is clear. Our team is thrilled to be a part of the community and offer residents premier services from window washing to gutter cleaning and pressure washing. And, if you call to get a free quote, we’d be happy to hear more about your home’s individual needs and create a custom cleaning plan. Not sure what to look for when choosing the right company? Read our blog for some things to keep in mind when picking a gutter and window cleaning company. Or, check out our homeowners’ maintenance checklist for a handy tool to reference regardless of the season.

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