Homeowners Maintenance Checklist

Many first-time home buyers aren’t aware of the exterior home maintenance checklist that they need to make. Various professional services are essential to keep your home clean, aesthetically pleasing, and free of dirt and allergens. Check out our robust list of first time homeowner tips and you’ll be on your way to a well-maintained home that endures a lifetime. 

Clean and Caulk Windows

The first item on any first time home buyers’ home maintenance checklist should be their windows. Brightening the inside and outside of a home is often as simple as getting the windows professionally cleaned on a routine basis. Did you know that the glass on your windows has tiny pores that can be seen with the naked eye? When minerals from hose, rain, or runoff water settle on the glass, it can produce harsh water stains that can be tough to remove on your own. Some additional first time homeowner tips regarding windows include caulking them and checking them for weather stripping. Caulking around your windows and doors can help decrease your heating and cooling bills by preventing air leaks, and ensuring you have sufficient weather stripping around these areas will also keep utility bills lower.  

Refresh Exterior Surfaces

Next on our home maintenance checklist for first time owners is siding and exterior surfaces. First, look into professional pressure washing services that can safely and effectively remove tough dirt, mold, grime, and algae buildup from siding, sidewalks, and driveways. And, be sure to consider touching up the exterior of your home with a fresh coat of paint if the color looks dull. Lastly, our first time homeowner tips must include some recommendations about the deck—although pressure washing is great for maintaining your deck, it’s important to seal it so the stain lasts over time. Be sure to check the sealant to make sure moisture is not getting into the wood, and if it is, consider resealing it as part of your home maintenance checklist. 

Upkeep Gutter Effectiveness

When thinking through first time homeowner tips, we can’t forget about gutter cleaning. When gutters aren’t functioning properly, they can lead to costly repairs like leaks, floods, and roof or siding damages. Remove foliage and debris on a regular basis to make sure rain water can flow through correctly. Also, consider adding an extension to your downspout when making your home maintenance checklist—as part of a gutter system, the downspout directs water away from your house and if it’s not long enough, its effectiveness can be limited. 

Miscellaneous Tips for First Time Homeowners

In addition to this home maintenance checklist, there are a number of other items we recommend adding as part of our first time homeowner tips. For instance, remember to check HVAC filters, clean the garbage disposal, inspect the attic, clean refrigerator coils and the dryer vent, and check all smoke detectors. If you’d like to learn more about Labor Panes and how we can assist you as a first time homeowner, please contact us to get a free quote on a service. 


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