Exterior Challenges Homeowners Face in Different Regions

And Frequency of Home Maintenance Services for Each Area

While there’s many exterior services your home needs every year, such as window cleaning, some homes require different home maintenance services depending on their geographical location. Although all of our services apply to homes in each area, whether urban, rural, or coastal, the frequency of various services may differ depending on the region’s weather patterns and geography. For example, coastal building maintenance may require more frequent pressure washing due to high concentrations of salt and humidity, while homes in mountainous regions typically need more gutter cleaning services if the house is situated in dense, wooded areas. Learn more about our recommended home maintenance services for coastal, mountain, suburban, and city regions. 

Coastal Areas

Without a doubt, coastal homes experience a hefty challenge when it comes to keeping up with home maintenance services. Since these homes face more storms and humidity, and have a high propensity for salt and sand buildup, we recommend scheduling pressure and house washing on a routine basis. Coastal building maintenance means being ready to tackle grime and mildew since it grows so quickly in this region, so you need to rely on professionals who have the tools and experience to easily remove it. Additionally, gutter guards are also a good investment for coastal homeowners in cities like Charleston, Wilmington, and Ormond Beach due to the many storms and high winds these homes endure, clogging gutters with debris any time of year. 

Mountainous Areas

Next, home maintenance services for homes in mountain regions can also present their own hurdles. For example, these houses usually experience more foliage in the fall, so we suggest gutter cleaning at least three times a year to prevent extreme buildup. Generally, we recommend all of our services to homeowners in the mountains or places like Greensboro or Winston-Salem,, however, the way some houses are positioned on the mountain could pose some issues. Sloped homesites make the home’s gutters and windows more difficult to access when they need cleaned, so scheduling these services with Labor Panes’ professionals is highly recommended to keep you and your home safe during routine home maintenance services. 

Suburban Areas

Live in a suburban home, but not sure where to start on your home maintenance services checklist? We suggest routine upkeep with our full suite of exterior services—from window to gutter cleaning. Of course, suburban homes can be situated in a variety of climates and regions, so we encourage you to reach out with any specific questions about your home, and we can work with you to make a plan and schedule a service. But to name a few focus areas, many suburban homeowners have pets and kids, making interior window cleaning a top priority to remove streaks and stains. Additionally, pool decks, screened porches, patios, and driveways are very common features in suburban areas, so we recommend discussing pressure washing services that best serve your home—not to mention, many HOAs require house siding to be free and clear of algae and mildew! Home maintenance services run the gamut in suburban neighborhoods, so be sure to keep on top of what your unique needs are every year.

Urban Areas

Although urban dwellers don’t typically own as much property as those who live in the country or on the water, many home maintenance services are still a must in city regions. For example, since city apartments, condos, and homes are located in such high-traffic areas, exterior window cleaning needs to be done much more often, especially because the air quality is worse and creates more dirt and dust buildup on surfaces. If you own a residential complex or commercial property in the city, be sure to check out our commercial services suite, too. 

Overall, the home maintenance services your home requires largely depend on the region you live in. While we do recommend all of our services for every home, the cadence you may require differs drastically from place to place. Contact us today to schedule a service, and be sure to explore all of our locations  to find the closest Labor Panes franchise. 


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