DIY Window Cleaning!

9 Best Ideas on How to Keep Your Windows Neat and Clean


Cleaning your windows regularly can be a hassle. It is recommended that your windows be cleaned at least twice a year. Even though many people don’t have the proper tools, equipment or techniques to get the job done right, here are 10 simple ways you can keep your windows looking neat and clean.

Use the right tools. If you don’t own professional window cleaning tools, simply using a regular sponge can work. Afterward, a lint free rag or even a cloth diaper can be used to dry the glass. Stay away from paper towels since these leave residue on the glass.

Make a good cleaning solution. By spraying the window with vinegar and letting it rest for a couple of minutes, you will get rid of those stuck-on residues that may be hard to remove. After that, a simple solution of water with a bit of dishwashing liquid will finish the job.

Remove excess soap. After applying the soap solution to the window, it is best to wipe it off from top to bottom to minimize water dripping down which may leave marks on other areas like your walls. Use a dry linen rag to do so. After the rag is no longer dry, it is best to rinse and repeat.

Wipe away excess water. Any water left on the windows after washing may leave streaks. Be sure to completely dry them off.

Keep the screens clean. Mosquito screens tend to harvest dust and will eventually need cleaning. To do so, remove them from the window and use the same soap water solution to wipe them. You can then use a hose to spray the soap off. Dry it with a lint free rag and you’re done.

Remove dirt and bugs from inside windows. The window sills can become a home to many dead insects and critters. Use a small nozzle on your vacuum to easily remove them. If you do not own a vacuum, you can lay a towel on the floor and use a narrow brush or toothbrush to swipe them away. Be sure to get into the corners as well.

Make use of overcast conditions. Direct sunlight on windows may make dirt easier to see, but it also dries up the water too quickly leaving streaks on the glass. Try cleaning your windows on a cloudy day to get the best results.

Use distilled water instead of tap. Tap water contains many minerals which may leave calcium deposits on your windows. Using distilled water eliminates calcified deposits which will build up over time.

Don’t forget to buff. A chamois or microfiber cloth can be used to buff the windows to remove any other streaks after cleaning. This is the most important step in making sure the windows do not have any streaks.

Hiring a window cleaner can save you a lot of time and hassle, especially if you have a good amount of windows and have to climb ladders.  Call or email your local Labor Panes window cleaning service to take care of your windows.  You’ll be impressed with the results of a professional window cleaning job.


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