Cleaning Your Home Exterior in Charlotte

From Window Cleaning to Pressure Washing & More

Has your Charlotte home ever looked like it needed a bath? Cleaning your home exterior, especially in Charlotte, can be a hassle—the weather can be a mix of Appalachian mountain cold and Outer Banks heat with plenty of rain in between. Because of the unpredictable climate, Charlotteans often face more grime buildup on their windows, and more mildew and debris on their siding. Plus, many driveways, gutters, and patios left exposed to the elements also see their fair share of wear and tear over the course of a calendar year. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can clean your home’s exterior in Charlotte, from scheduling professional gutter and window cleanings, to penciling in annual pressure washing services. Start drastically improving the look and feel of your home by taking the necessary next steps.

Window Cleaning

The first order of business for Charlotte home owners is to schedule a routine window cleaning service. Wiping away harsh water stains and grime will instantly liven up your home and enhance curb appeal—it might even make your neighbors jealous. If you’re not ready to hire professional window cleaners (which we highly recommend), make sure you use a reliable cleaning solution that won’t damage your glass. Head to our blog to snag an easy DIY solution if you’re going this route. However, if you do choose to hire professionals, here are 4 questions we recommend asking window cleaners before they come to your home.

Landscape Maintenance

Another exterior cleaning project that residents can do to maintain their home is to upkeep their landscape. One suggestion is to clear invasive plants and weeds that surround your home—this will help the outside of your home from a curb appeal standpoint, and it’s a vital task to make sure your home’s foundation isn’t overtaken by roots.

Gutter Cleaning

The next maintenance project that Charlotte homeowners should consider each year is gutter cleaning. Let’s face it, no one enjoys cleaning out the gutters—they’re called gutters, after all. But, clogged gutters can result in thousands of dollars worth of wood repairs, repainting, and even flooding of basements and crawl spaces. Water can overflow between the gutter and fascia board causing a tremendous amount of damage to several areas of your home including the foundation. Learn more about how to maintain your foundation, and how to keep your basement dry by reading our blog. Also, be sure to learn why you should let a professional clean your gutters before scaling the ladder yourself.

Pressure Washing

Grime, dirt, and mildew build up over time, leaving your surfaces looking discolored, grimy, and even unsafe to walk on. Pressure washing is a great way to restore and maintain these exterior surfaces around your home. Just about any exterior surface can be cleaned with a pressure washing system including sidewalks, driveways, and decks. Washing outdoor surfaces can dramatically enhance the look of your biggest investment, and will transform your outdoor living area—perfect for those warm Charlotte nights that are great for hosting.

Gutter Guards

When your gutters fill up with leaves and other debris, they can’t function properly to channel water from the roof to the ground—this happens a lot in Charlotte, especially during the rainy spring and fall seasons. That’s why many people turn to gutter guards as a solution. Gutter guards won’t make your gutters invincible against the usual dirt, grit, and debris of the seasons; however, properly installed and designed gutter guards can lessen the frequency of routine maintenance.

Overall, there are several exterior maintenance projects you should consider doing to your Charlotte home to maintain your home’s curb appeal year-round. From window cleaning to pressure washing, it’s never too early or late in the season to think about scheduling these services. Looking for other, more simple, ways that you can spruce up your exterior space? Snag these five ideas to enhance your home’s curb appeal—we’re always a sucker for a freshly painted door or new patio furniture.

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