A Guide to Window Cleaning for Florida Homeowners

Window Maintenance Advice from Local Experts

Situated right on the Atlantic Ocean, residents of Daytona and Ormond Beach, Florida understand the impact weather has on their homes. From hurricanes to thunderstorms to beautiful sunny beach days, Floridians experience it all—and so do their windows. Let’s look at the information you should know to make sure your windows stay sparkling in these Florida Beach towns.

Why It’s Important

Most homeowners will clean their windows simply for cosmetic reasons. No one wants to have a dirty view of the ocean! But, keeping your windows clean and free of debris helps to prolong their lifespan and the value of your home. According to Weather Spark, temperatures in Ormond Beach are hot and oppressive during the long summer months, with cooler and wet weather occurring in the winter. Heat and humidity can cause your windows to expand and contract. This, along with the effects of sand and saltwater can be tough on glass. These things can wear down your windows if they are not properly addressed.

Additionally, how you take care of your windows can impact the energy efficiency of your home. According to the US Department of Energy, heat gained or lost through a home’s windows is responsible for about 25-30% of heating and cooling energy usage. Dirt and build-up on windows can lock in heat and cause your AC to do the extra leg work in bringing the temperature down. With a simple cleaning, your home will not only look beautiful, but also be more energy efficient, saving you money in the long run.

How to DIY

Have we convinced you to roll up your sleeves? If you feel confident to get the job done yourself, we have created a DIY window cleaning mix that is sure to make your glass sparkle in the Florida sunshine. We recommend using this solution with a microfiber cloth both inside and outside your home. Don’t forget the tracks and window sills, too! However, this should not be a substitute for an annual professional cleaning, where a trained team can get to those out-of-reach places with ease. Here are 5 more tips for getting a streak-free shine on your glass windows in Florida.

How Much it Should Cost

When it does come time for that annual window cleaning, we understand how important it is to choose the right people for the job. As we have mentioned, taking care of your windows has an impact on your home’s value, energy efficiency, curb appeal, and more. According to Home Guide, the national average cost for a full-home window cleaning is about $250. This will obviously fluctuate depending on the size of your home and the number of windows it has, but the price should average about $10-$15 per window.

With your shining windows, your home is sure to be the envy of your neighborhood. Read our latest blog for more tips on window maintenance and ideas on how to improve your home’s curb appeal.

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