5 Things to Know About Starting a Window Hero Franchise

Learn How to Start a Franchise and More

Have you ever wondered how to start a franchise with Window Hero? With over 15 locations around the Southeast, we’re always looking to extend our team and the areas where we offer exterior cleaning services. While starting a franchise is exciting, it’s important to do your research before you make a decision. Here are 5 things to consider before starting a Window Hero franchise: 

1. Are You Passionate About Customer Service?

Window Hero is a customer service focused company that believes in providing the best possible experience and high quality services. For potential applicants interested in starting a franchise, we look for leadership qualities, a desire to start something new, a strong work ethic, and a passion for customer relationships.

2. Do You Have Experience in Exterior Cleaning Services?

Yes? Great! If not, past experience in exterior cleaning services is not critical. Instead, we look for past experiences where people have had to lead others, engage with potential clients, build trust quickly, and who are good with their hands and enjoy being outside. Even for owners who eventually become removed from the physical labor of performing the services, it’s still an active and mostly outdoor job. This type of opportunity generally appeals to active people, those who have played sports, or thrived in similar outdoor environments. 

3. What Does a Day in the Life Look Like? 

Like any business, there are stages that the business goes through, and during each stage the owner will find themselves impacting the business in different ways. In an early start up phase, the owner will wear any and all hats, performing the services, organizing equipment and supplies, meeting homeowners or business contacts to generate new business, and handling administrative tasks like payroll and marketing. 

As the business grows, the owners will hire a team to perform most of the on-the-field work, and then will devote most of their time to marketing and sales. Eventually the owner will hire managers to oversee aspects of the business, like having a sales manager and operations manager, and then will influence the business primarily through vision casting, strategic planning, delegation, and accountability.

4. Why Do Franchise Owners Choose Window Hero?

Being a business owner and learning how to start a franchise has its challenges, but it’s appealing for the person with the right mentality. It requires a strong commitment to be successful but there are many benefits such as schedule flexibility and the satisfaction of building something yourself. 

Window Hero owners collaborate with each other frequently and enjoy two franchise retreats per year. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, are inclined towards fun, are always seeking a new adventure, and have a culture of rooting for each other.

5. Where Can I Start a Window Hero Franchise? 

We are looking for new franchises to offer exterior cleaning services in major metro areas across the Southeast, including Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia and Texas, among others. If you’re ready to move forward, our process begins by going through several assessments including strengths, personality, vocational fit, and financial viability. Then, applicants participate in a Discovery Day at our Charlotte office, followed by a thorough review of the FDD (Federal Disclosure Document) that dictates the franchisor/franchisee relationship. Upon completion of those steps, paperwork is signed and the new franchise is ready to launch.

We hope this answered some of your questions if you’re interested in learning how to start a franchise with Window Hero. If you have additional questions or want to inquire about next steps to getting started, contact our team today!

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