5 Reasons to Clean Your Gutters in Wilmington, North Carolina

The rainy season in Wilmington can put a burden on your home’s gutters. According to Weather Spark, wet weather in the area typically lasts for 3.4 months from June to September. And of course, there are still plenty of rainy days in August when the humidity peaks.

As the city experiences long periods of heavy rain, the chances of suffering from clogged gutters increases which is why homeowners must consider gutter cleaning services to avoid damages and repairs. 

Gutter Cleaning in Wilmington: Why It’s Crucial During Rainy Season

With rain comes excess debris buildup. Think about it—rainy washes away all of the leaves, twigs, and dirt from your roof and funnels it right into the gutters. This can lead to the gutters being weighed down or not expelling water properly in the downspouts due to clogging. When living in Wilmington and surrounding Brunswick County areas, it’s best to schedule routine gutter cleaning in the middle of the rainy season around July or August to remove debris before it gets out of hand.

Here are some of the advantages of gutter cleaning in general:

  1. Prevents Pest Damages

Help prevent uninvited guests from making your gutters their home. Debris and other organic materials like berries, leaves, and twigs can clog them up and give pests the perfect spot to nest. You can usually notice termites and carpenter ants feasting on clogged gutters, and they may even make their way into your home.

2. Avoids Damages Caused by Clogging

Clogged downspouts, sagging gutters, and other problems can suddenly add up, resulting in significant damage. Moreover, if any part of the gutter system is experiencing excess weight, you’ll notice they will begin to sag. In other words, tons of debris will block the water flow and damage the construction of the entire gutter system. The best way to prevent expensive repairs is to take precautions and get them cleaned regularly.

3. Eliminates Risk of Cracked Foundation

When water doesn’t have room to travel through the gutters, it may pool up and flow through the walls of your home. If this happens for prolonged periods of time, it can lead to a damaged foundation. Plus, since water can freeze and expand on cold or chilly days in January and February, it can cause cracks as well. For more tips on how to maintain your home’s foundation, read our blog.

4. Reduces Risk of Rotting

Wood rot happens when wood doesn’t dry out properly. Blocked gutters can cause the wood elements to rot inside or outside of your home. As water flows outside of your gutters, it can reach windows, exterior doors, outdoor decks, and wooden walls. To prevent dry rot, you need to clean your gutters at least once a year.

5. Hinders Algae Growth

Algae is the most common problem for homeowners. But what causes algae buildup? It usually occurs due to defective shingles and dirt buildup. It also thrives in specific environments like shady or damp areas—your blocked gutters are the best place for their development. Not only does algae grow easily in gutters, but they also spread from your gutter system to other parts of the house. Read more tips on how to get rid of roof algae by reading our blog.

Without a doubt, gutter cleaning in Wilmington, especially during the rainy season, is essential. It can prevent costly damages, algae growth, wood rot, and pest infestations. If you need help cleaning your gutters this season, contact a local expert with the experience and equipment to get the job done.

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