4 Areas of Your Home That Need Pressure Washed

When it comes to pressure washing your home, you may not even know where to begin—there could be dirt buildup on your siding, grime stains on your patio, and algae growth in the cracks of your driveway. But how do you take the next step in getting rid of it all? Is pressure washing the driveway really necessary? Should you even get your deck pressure washed? Check out the four areas of your home that our cleaning experts recommend you should treat.

  1. House Siding

It might seem like a no-brainer, but we highly recommend getting your home’s siding professionally pressure washed at least once a year. Particularly, a soft touch process like the one that Labor Panes uses is ideal—it’s a low-pressure, high-quality wash that removes all of the grime, dirt, and algae without damaging your siding. This method is safe to use on a variety of siding types like vinyl, stucco, Hardiplank, and painted wood. Plus, the solution we use not only removes unwanted mildew and stains, but prevents it from coming back too soon as well. Lastly, if you’re noticing algae gathering on your roof too, be sure to read our blog article on how to get rid of it.

2. Driveways

Parking your car in a dingy looking driveway? You don’t have to! This surface is prone to stains caused by the elements, and even worse, they can become cracked and chipped due to freezing temperatures in the winter, giving easy access to unwanted mildew growth. Concrete areas are ideal for pressure washing because they can handle a hardy blast without risking damage. Ideally, pressure washing the driveway is done using a hard wash method, strong enough to remove stubborn contaminants. If you feel experienced enough to do this project yourself, check out Home Depot’s step by step guide and material list. 

3. Decks & Patios

Many people love to maintain a beautiful deck or patio for outdoor entertainment, and it can really add value to your home! We recommend pressure washing your deck in the late spring after pollen and mildew have had a chance to settle and accumulate. Additionally, decks and patios must be pressure washed using a soft wash method to ensure proper cleaning and to prevent damages. If you have a deck or patio made of paver stones, be sure to check out our blog article on how to clean them for more information. Or, read this article that covers other simple ways you can refresh your outdoor space.

4. Sidewalks

The sidewalks and walkways around your home can really enhance or distract from the overall curb appeal. Similar to pressure washing the driveway, we recommend cleaning these areas annually to maintain their appearance using a high pressure cleaning system. It’s also important to note that the key to pressure washing effectiveness is in the solution you use too—for example, our pressure washing cleaning formula works hard to eat away at algae, mildew, and dirt while also preventing it from coming back too quickly.

Brightening all of the exterior surfaces of your home is an essential part of maintaining your home year round. Our expert team of trained technicians are ready to help you create a custom cleaning plan that’s right for your home’s surfaces—our low-pressure soft washing process is even approved by the American Hardboard Association and the American Vinyl Siding Institute. Contact us today to learn more about pressure washing your driveway and deck, or to get a free quote. Also, head over to our blog to discover the 5 benefits of pressure washing services and see how soft washing can help your home.  

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