Steps To Ownership

Ready to take the next step and become a hero? Here’s what you can expect:

(1) Introduction Call
Have an exploratory conversation about your personal and business goals.

(2) Initial Application
Share your interests and financial qualifications, so we can move you along in the discovery process.

(3) Pre-Opening & Building Your Business
Schedule a discovery call with your Development Guide to review the timeline for prospective ownership, and how our team, systems, and processes will help you be successful.

(4) Running Your Business
Conduct a discovery call with your Development Guide about the details of the business itself, including sales, marketing, staffing, training, and more.

(5) Franchise Disclosure Document Review
Fill out the Franchise Disclosure Document which is a legal document and part of the pre-sale disclosure process. During this call we’ll address any questions you may have.

(6) Executive Interview
Enjoy an open and honest conversation with Founder and CEO Tyler Kirk.

(7) Confirmation Day
Attend a two-day event hosted at the Window Hero support center in North Carolina. Meet and get to know the entire leadership team. Plus, you’ll be awarded your franchise and officially welcomed into the Window Hero family.

Interested in owning a franchise?
We are always looking for the best.