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Best Pressure Washing in Ormond Beach

Professional Pressure Washing and Soft Washing for Your Home

Call the Experts Today: 386.387.5662

Why Professional Pressure Washing?

Many homeowners are capable of pressure washing their own homes, but professionals bring the best equipment, materials, and expertise. Window Hero’s Ormond Beach pressure washing crews know how to brighten your home’s exterior, driveways, walkways, and fencing.

The technique for cleaning a concrete driveway is different from cleaning vinyl siding, decks, or patios. Professionals scale the upper levels of multi-story houses or those hard-to-reach crannies and crevices so you don’t have to. Because our experts live in the Ormond Beach area, Window Hero professionals can answer your questions regarding climate and other common concerns and return year after year to keep your home looking like new.

Our Promise To You


Locally-owned and operated, Window Hero’s Ormond Beach technicians receive more than 100 hours of training. They understand the needs of coastal communities prone to salt air and moist and often muggy conditions.


Window Hero Ormond Beach has a perfect five-star rating on Google — one customer said her central Florida home was so clean after pressure washing that it looked as if she had spent thousands on a new paint job.


If you notice any issues within 48 hours of service, give us a call and we’ll return to clean whatever is needed—at no extra cost to you. Ormond Beach staff promise to arrive on time, in uniform, fully bonded, and insured.

The Window Hero Difference

Window Hero Ormond Beach uses a custom formula designed to remove mildew, stains, and buildup on everything from soiled concrete to outdoor furniture. Our technicians know when to use the different methods for cleaning a home — pressure washing, power washing, or soft washing — and which surfaces are and are not safe for pressure washing.
Customers return year after year for Window Hero’s attention to detail. Ormond Beach pressure washing customers said technicians cleaned every inch of a mile-long fence and even water sealed a dock when the professionals finished cleaning.

Meet the Window Hero Ormond Beach Team

Owner Lynn Walter joined Window Hero in 2019, but he led his own pressure washing business, Clear Advantage, for many years before that. He not only brings expertise, but Lynn also has deep ties in the Ormond Beach community, where he enjoys running, biking, swimming, and wakeboarding.

Lynn Walter


341 Parque Dr
Ormond Beach, FL 32174
Location Map

Fully Insured and Bonded!


“Check out all of our 5-star
ratings on Google Reviews!”


Frequently Asked Questions from Window Hero Ormond Beach Clients

What is the Ormond Beach Pressure Washing Service Area?
Providing superior service in Ormond Beach and surrounding areas, including Daytona Beach, Port Orange, Palm Coast, New Smyrna Beach, Ponce Inlet and Flagler Beach.

32136, 32137, 32164, 32174, 32176, 32127, 32128, 32129, 32132, 32168, 32169, 32754, 32759, 32130, 32713, 32720, 32723, 32724, 32725, 32738, 32744, 32763, 32764

What time of year should you pressure wash your house in Florida?
Mild seasons like autumn or spring are good times to pressure wash any home. Florida’s mild winters, however, mean you may pressure wash your home in cooler months as well.

How often should you pressure wash your house in Florida?
We recommend pressure washing your home at least once a year to keep it in the best condition possible. Coastal Florida’s high humidity, unpredictable rainfall, and exposure to sand and salt make annual cleanings even more important.

What surfaces should not be pressure washed?
Never pressure wash asphalt roofs, electrical boxes, air-conditioning or heating units, or windows. Some painted and stained surfaces aren’t appropriate to pressure wash either.


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