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Why Professional Window Cleaning?

It’s very easy to forget that you have windows, particularly if the blinds are often drawn for virtual meetings and other settings that require controlled lighting. But, those windows can easily become clouded and dirty as pollen and debris gather on window panes. This can dampen your day when it comes to gazing at trees during crisp fall months or watching hummingbirds in the spring. Not to mention, dirty windows can decrease your home’s curb appeal and impact resale value if you’re trying to relocate. Skip the hassle and take advantage of all the benefits of hiring a window cleaning company.

Our Promise To You


We provide 100 hours of training to carefully selected team members so that every window cleaning service is perfect the first time.


Before we leave, we go through and ensure that all of your windows are streak-free, wiping down trim and removing cobwebs.


Scheduling services can be difficult in a hectic day-to-day life, but with our reminders, it’s easy to keep up with your window cleaning.

The Window Hero Difference

Providing quality window washing services for businesses and homeowners is a priority for us. It’s not just about a clear view out of the window; professional and residential window cleaning services have a lot of benefits beyond just the view, including longevity of the window and even your own health. With 100 hours of training in window cleaning, pressure washing and gutter cleaning, our team members are experts in getting your windows clean year after year with our streak-free formula and attention to detail.

Meet the Window Hero Durham Team

In 2012, Daniel James opened Durham’s Labor Panes and began serving homeowners and businesses in the area. Daniel attended and graduated from nearby beautiful Campbell University. While he was there he spent many days in the area and when he graduated, Daniel decided that this was home. With his wife and their two sons, they built a life here enjoying the outdoors and being a part of the Durham community. Daniel is dedicated to providing a valuable, quality service to the people of Durham and that dedication is shared by the rest of the Labor Panes team in Durham!

Daniel James
Daniel James


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Durham, NC 27701
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Frequently Asked Questions from Window Hero Durham Clients

Is professional window cleaning in the Durham area worth it?
Yes, we recommend hiring our professional window cleaning team to come to your home. We are highly trained and use exclusive, streak-free formulas. Plus, we’re fully insured so you don’t have to worry about on-site accidents.

What does Window Hero Durham use to clean windows?
Window Hero Chapel Hill’s experienced team uses an exclusive streak-free formula to clean your home’s windows.

What's the best way to clean really dirty windows?
For exceptionally dirty windows, rinse the windows with a hose. Then, use a microfiber cloth or sponge and a dish detergent and water solution to gently clean the windows. Repeat again the first round doesn’t remove the build-up.


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