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Severe weather, trees, leaves and grime all can diminish the look of a home. And, in a place like Raleigh, that’s a real shame. Cary is one of the more sought-after areas of North Carolina to move to due to its affordability, job forecast, sense of community and beauty. Whether you just want to make your home look its best or you plan to relocate and want to sell, there are many benefits to pressure washing. There are some tasks that every homeowner has to do to keep their home in good shape, such as window cleaning and gutter cleaning. It’s always wise to hire a professional—especially when it comes to tasks that, if not done right, could result in damage to your home or injury for you. Learn why it’s a good idea to call in the experts for your pressure washing needs.

Quality Pressure Washing Services


Every member of our Raleigh team has 100 hours of training before their first day, ensuring that the job is done right.


Getting the job done right is our top priority, so we don’t leave until we’ve made sure that your home is perfect.


Pressure washing is an annual task. With us, we can send you a reminder so that your home stays beautiful year-round.

Learn More About Pressure Washing and Our Cary Services

Pressure washing involves more than just a high-powered water hose. A pressure washer can put out between 1,000 to 3,000 pounds per square inch (psi) of water. In inexperienced hands, these tools can be dangerous. Window Hero team members have been trained to use these high-powered machines and the many attachments that are essential in getting buildings, such as residential homes or multi-story businesses, clean. We’ll do a great job, but here are some tips to help you prepare for your pressure washing. By doing these things first, we can be as unobtrusive as possible. Here’s another thing to consider: how often you have your home pressure washed and how much it should cost depends on your area; we’re happy to help answer those questions with a free consultation!

Meet the Cary Pressure Washing Team

For us, this isn’t just a job. It’s our reputation and our image, our place in the North Carolina community. In 2012, Daniel James opened Labor Panes in the Raleigh-Durham area and he’s dedicated to providing quality service. Because of this, we take pride in the extensive training our team members receive before going on jobs. Everyone at Window Hero prioritizes the details, ensuring that every pressure washing job is thorough and the results are nothing short of perfect. That commitment to detail can be seen with the satisfaction of our customers and how the Window Hero team doesn’t leave until the job is done and done right.

Frequently Asked Questions from Window Hero Cary Clients

How is pressure washing priced?
Our pressure washing service is priced according to the square footage of the property we’re cleaning, and the time it takes. For example, a smaller home may have less square footage but take three times as long due to grime build-up. In this case, it may cost more than another home of the same size.

Is pressure washing the same as power washing?
No, it isn’t. Pressure washing doesn’t use heat to remove built-up material, whereas power washing does. Power washing is fine for surfaces that won’t be damaged by the pressure and heat, but for surfaces that cannot tolerate pressurized heat, pressure washing is best.

How often should I have my home pressure washed?
We recommend getting your home pressure washed once a year during the spring or fall. For areas that experience mild temperatures during the winter months, it’s fine to wait.


Zach Oyler

Owned and operated by Zach Oyler since 2019, Labor Panes Cary is proud to be located in the heart of North Carolina. Zach runs the company alongside his beautiful wife Stephanie who handles all of his administrative duties. Zach and Stephanie have two wonderful sons named Malcolm and Max. In their free time, the family loves to go hiking and spend time outdoors. Zach has a passion for working with people and graduated with a degree in communications from Penn State.


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