How Long Do Windows Last?

Why Dirty Glass Destroys the Lifespan of Your Windows

The average person spends about an hour each day devoted to cleaning their home. This time includes tasks like laundry, outdoor maintenance, tidying the kitchen after every meal, and so on.

But window cleaning is often ignored, overshadowed by other household chores.

It is surprisingly important to take care of the windows in your home or office. Not cleaning your windows can directly affect the health and longevity of your windows.

If you’ve ever wondered how long do windows last, keep reading to learn the best and most effective ways to keep your windows clean, clear, and bright.

Why Window Cleaning is Essential

While glass looks smooth to the untrained eye, window glass is actually a surface that is full of microscopic holes. These holes capture different elements and can wear down the glass quickly if not properly cleaned.

Without cleaning your window washing, the grime and dirt penetrate the glass. This causes staining and other kinds of damage from interior and exterior sources such as wind, rain, salt water, changes in temperature, cleaning products, pollutants, and dirt. Less sunlight can come through the glass as well, resulting in higher utility bills.

Mildew is another potential irritant that can cause significant damage not only to your home but to your family’s health. Also, having clear, smudge-free windows adds to the curb appeal to your home and to the outside view of your neighborhood or yard.

If your office has dirty windows, it could send a message to a client about your professionalism and how you manage your business. Grime, smudges, dirt, or other particles could convey a lack of care to others concerning the upkeep of your workplace.

Windows are an expensive replacement depending on the kinds of windows you have. But knowing how to clean them well can help prevent stains and other types of damages, therefore saving you money in the long run.

If you’re looking to sell your home (or are considering it for the future) appraisers factor in the overall maintenance of the home including the windows. This is another reason to add deep window cleaning to your spring cleaning list.

Why People Forget to Clean Their Windows

It’s very easy to overlook window cleaning. Most likely, they do not get used on a daily basis like a kitchen sink, bathroom, or clothing. In fact, most of us take them for granted until a beautiful spring day when we want to open the windows to let in the fresh air.

Another reason is that sometimes it’s dangerous. Higher windows require specific safety precautions that are not accessible to everyone. Sometimes windows are blocked by bushes, shrubs, or trees making them difficult to access.

Other problems include the functionality of the windows. Some people are unclear about how the windows work and are unable to clean them well.

Different Ways to Clean Your Windows

Now that you understand the importance of keeping your windows clean, you’re probably wondering what is the best way to clean them. After all, window replacement isn’t cheap!

Window cleaning does not need to be done several times a week. On the contrary, giving your windows a heavy cleaning needs to be done only twice a year.

There are many different ways and methods to clean your windows. These include:

1. Use a microfiber cloth to remove dust particles and other debris first. This allows the cleaning solution to penetrate the glass better and discourages streaking. You can even use a vacuum to catch stubborn or heavier amounts of dust.

2. A window cleaner free from harsh chemicals like ammonia works best. You can even make your own at home using water, vinegar, and dish soap. Simple soap and water works well, too.

Combine 1/4 cup of vinegar with 2 cups of water, and a teaspoon of dish soap in a spray bottle, shake and spray windows. Wipe with a microfiber cloth, newspaper, or paper towel to clean.

3. Sometimes cloths or towels tend to leave streaks or residue from the cleaning cloth on the glass. To avoid this, consider using a squeegee to remove the cleaner. Using a cloth leaves behind static which pulls in more dirt and irritants that contaminate your windows.

A squeegee takes some practicing to get it right, but in the long run, it can keep your windows cleaner longer and better than a traditional cleaning cloth.

4. Window screens can harbor much dust and specks of dirt and need to be cleaned as well. Running a vacuum cleaner hose with an attachment gently over screens removes build-up. Then lightly spray with cleaner and wipe down.

How to Clean Outside Windows

Cleaning outside windows can be tricky, especially if they’re up high or awkward to reach. Not only that, but they take the brunt of the weather, leaving them dirtier and grimier than the interior window.

Try using a floor mop to reach windows that are more challenging. First, rinse off the windows with regular water from a hose. Using a small amount of dish soap and water, dip your mop into the soapy water and begin scrubbing.

Once every window is scrubbed, use a squeegee to remove the soapy residue. Wipe down any excess and rub down the window panes. A sponge works well to clean the window panes.

If your windows are impossible to reach, don’t try to do it yourself. Even a window ledge could be a safety hazard as well as being on a ladder with extra equipment.

Exterior window cleaning could be a job best left to professional window cleaners. They are trained in safety and methods to get your windows clean. And considering how vital it is to have sparkling windows, it’s an expense that’s worth it.

How Long Do Windows Last? Take Care of Them And Find Out!

Windows add a wonderfully aesthetic element to your home. Taking care of them is paramount to the health of your family and your overall home’s value. How long windows last will depend largely on your ability and dedication to caring for them.

Need a little help cleaning your windows? Leave it to the professionals! Contact us today to see how we keep your windows in great shape.

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