Window Washing Equipment Required to Do a Professional Job

A new day is coming, the sun is shining outside, and yet your living room is still as dull as the dishwater. Did you check your windows? As a bit of sunlight comes through, you would realize just how long it has been since the last time you cleaned these windows. Even a small amount of dust and might have a significant effect on how light can shine through, which makes it seem like a dismal and dark winter day.

Residential Window Cleaning is a necessary task that many homeowners often put off as it seems to be a challenging job. However, you can accomplish it in several simple steps with the right cleaning products and tools.

Necessary tools for cleaning windows; before starting, make sure to prepare all window washing equipment needed to clean windows, including:

  • Squeegees
  • Window applicator
  • Poles
  • Waterfed poles (Pure Water Systems)
  • Dry, lint-free rags or soft cloth
  • Soap
  • A bucket
  • A ladder


Window Washing Equipment
General Window Washing Equipment

How to clean your windows correctly; as said earlier, keeping our windows clean can be a very easy task once you learn how to perform it. Here is a quick and simple guide to clean your windows.

  1. Carefully prepare the areas around the windows. Tie back the curtains and remove any things from the cleaning area.
  2. Spray the cleaning solution to the windows by following the manufacturer’s instructions on its label. Whether you are applying just water and soap or a specialized window spray, keep in mind not to use too much cleaning product to the glasses.
  3. The next step is to rinse the cleaning product from the windows. In this step, be careful not to leave any streaks behind, which can terribly affect the appearance of your house. Use a soft and clean cloth for this task (or if you would prefer, it is acceptable to use a ball of paper or newspaper). Start from the top of the windows and then work down in small strokes or circles. Do not use toilet roll or kitchen simple because these items can leave debris and streaks behind.
  4. Once everything has done, it’s time to enjoy your streak-free windows.
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